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Why is Creativity and Inspiration so Vital in Everyday Life?


By Dr John Demartini


The word ‘creative' tends to conjure up the arts like painting, music, drama or a career in industries like advertising, dress design or interior decorating. We tend to think we aren't creative if we are not talented in one of these areas.  However, this isn't true; creativity lives within all of us, but it thrives in the areas of our lives that truly inspire us.


For example; someone who loves cooking will always present very creative dishes, but ask someone who has no interest in cooking to come up with a creative meal and they will probably struggle. If you love your work, you will think up more creative ways of doing your job. If you are an inspired entrepreneur, you will express your creativity by generating a flow of ideas around creating business.  


During times of creativity, we feel electrified, our minds are sharpest, we have certainty and presence, we feel gratitude, our self-worth increases and our physiology is optimized and we exude vitality. We also become more socially confident as people love to expound in areas where they are most enthused. Bottom line, when we are doing what we love and loving what we do our vitality and zest for life is at its peak.


We don't always realize where our creativity lies.  If you want to establish where it is then determine what areas of your life are most important to you. The Demartini Value Determination ProcessTM is a series of carefully constructed questions that reveal a person's highest and lowest interests or values. If you answer them, giving about ten answers for each, you will see a pattern forming. Then distil your answers to find out what came up most, second most, third most and so on until you have compiled a hierarchy of what you deem most interesting to you. I guarantee number one on your list is where you are the most creative and focused and number ten is where you are less inspired and therefore less creative.


If growing rich has emerged as being very important to you, stop and think of all the creative ways you problem solve to build wealth. You are probably already financially very comfortable. You most likely have many books on the subject, you probably come alive when the topic comes up in conversation and you are probably constantly looking for new and creative ways to build wealth. If your appearance is highest on your list, I'll bet you are always perfectly dressed with a wealth of ideas on beauty and solutions to improve your appearance and so on. 


Try it.  You will be amazed at how accurate this is.


The 12 Demartini Value DeterminationTM questions are:


1.    What do you fill your space with (home and office)? 

2.    How do you spend your time?

3.    How do you spend your energy?

4.    What do you spend your money on beyond monthly set expenses?

5.    Where you are most organized and ordered?

6.    Where you are most disciplined and reliable?

7.    What do you think about or focus on most?

8.    What do you envision or dream about most?

9.    What do you internally dialogue about most?

10. What do you externally dialogue about most?

11. What are you inspired about most?

12. What do you set goals towards most?


Find out more information about the Demartini Value Determination process.



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