6 Most Powerful Life Lessons from Dr Demartini

DR JOHN DEMARTINI   -   Updated 8 months ago

Dr Demartini outlines 6 powerful steps that you can take TODAY if you would love to live a more inspiring, vitalized and meaningful life where you are thriving more than just surviving.


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DR JOHN DEMARTINI - Updated 8 months ago

I have been involved in the pursuit of self-mastery for the past 50 years, and there are certain principles and actions that I feel very confident will help you master your life and do something truly extraordinary with your time here on earth.

Life Lesson 1: It is wise to determine what you truly value and what your life already demonstrates that you’re committed to.

If I look at my life over the last 5 decades, it's not hard to see that I have consistently and spontaneously learned everything I can get my hands on and shared it with everyone I’ve been able to reach so far. It’s something that I’ve been doing almost every day since I was 18 years old. 

In other words, when I look at what my life demonstrates is important to me, I consistently see that learning and teaching clearly shows up. If I look closer, I can also see that it’s especially in relation to values and helping people determine and live congruently with what they truly value most. 

Identifying your highest and most intrinsic values can be both eye-opening and life-transforming as you begin to identify what your life demonstrates is truly important to you. 

What’s actually most important to you is not necessarily what you perceive “should” or “ought to” be important to you, but what your actual priorities are as demonstrated by the actions or topics you love to talk about most, the things that energize you most, the things you love to learn about most and internally and externally dialogue about most. These all reveal what you most value in your life.

Over the years, I have developed a methodology to assist people in identifying their highest values and thus their top priorities. This methodology, the Demartini Value Determination process, I’ve made available for you to use on my website. 

It will take you around 30 minutes to complete and includes key questions such as:

  1. What do you fill your intimate and personal or professional space with most; what do these items really represent or mean, or what are they actually predominantly used for?
  2. How do you spend your time most and what do these actions really represent or mean, or what are you actually doing this for?
  3. What actions do you do consistently that actually raise your energy levels the most? What actions do you do that energize you the most?
  4. On what do you consistently spend your money or income on most, second most and third most?
  5. Where are you most organized and ordered?

These are just 5 of the 13 questions from the Demartini Value Determination. You can access the full list of value determinant questions HERE.

Instead of living according to your highest values, you may instead attempt to flutily conform to the values of the people that you depend upon or look up to most. 

This can lead you to attempt to inject their values into your life, to imitate them, which can cloud the clarity of your own highest value and block you from looking objectively at what your life is already demonstrating as truly most important to you. 

As a result, you are likely to have internal conflict between what you think you ‘need to’, ‘should’, ‘must’ and ‘have to’ do and your own authentic unique highest values.

When determining your own highest values, it would be wise to avoid comparing what your life actually demonstrates with what it used to be or with what you wish it would be. Instead, just look objectively at what you spontaneously cannot wait to do every day.

Life Lesson 2: Ask yourself: How can I get handsomely paid by fulfilling my highest value?

My highest value is teaching. 

Many years ago, I grappled with how I could get handsomely paid to teach because I realized that if I couldn’t find a way of doing what I loved and getting paid for it, I was likely to have Monday Morning Blues, Wednesday Hump Days, and Thank God It’s Fridays. 

I also knew that if I spent my days doing something I didn’t love in order to make money, I would likely spend that money on immediate gratification in the form of depreciable consumables to help me disassociate from my lack of fulfillment. I would likely also not get around to doing what I truly loved, or at best, having it as a hobby.

I am certain that asking yourself how you can do what you’re spontaneously and intrinsically inspired to do and get handsomely paid to it is a powerful life lesson. 

Here are a few quality questions to help get you started:

  1. What is it that you would love to make a difference in? 
  2. What products, services, or ideas do people in the world truly need that you would love to provide and fulfill? 
  3. What is it that you simply spontaneously do each day that nobody has to remind you to do that you could turn into a career path? 
  4. How can you further plan to be of service to others because you're not likely to generate an income unless you're serving somebody's needs. 

Life Lesson 3: Ask yourself: What are the highest priority action steps I can do today that will help me do what I love doing and fulfill my vocational and financial dream?

If you do not fill your day with high-priority actions that inspire and bring meaning to you, your day will fill up with low-priority distractions that won’t. 

If you do not bring order to your life, disorder will take over and determine your destiny.

One of the wisest and most powerful life lessons you can learn is to ask yourself, “What is the highest priority action I can do today that can help me fulfill my highest value, and primary mission or purpose in life?”

If you ask these questions each day, and then commit to performing those actions, you'll find a pattern. 

If you then go a step further and identify the highest priority of those priorities, and the highest priorities of those highest priorities, you'll narrow down and distill it down into a list of the most important actions to be focusing on. 

Mary Kay Ash from Mary Kay Cosmetics once privately advised that I ask myself that question every day, something that I did for years while writing my answers on index cards. I then looked at common answers that kept showing up day after day after day, and it was clear – teach, research, write, travel. 

I began spending my days doing exactly that and I noticed how I gained momentum, energy, creativity, meaning and inspiration as a result.

A common myth is that getting your most important and inspiring actions done each day is about managing your time. I do not believe this to be true. 

Instead, it is about choosing to focus your attention and intention wisely during the precious time you have. You are managing your action in time not managing time.

Here are a few quality questions to help get you started:

  1. What is truly the most important action I can do in this very present moment?
  2. What is the most meaningful action I can do now that will inspire me and serve others most?

Life Lesson 4: Let go of or delegate non-essential and low-priority tasks

At this point, your immediate reaction may be that you can’t afford to delegate. 

My response is that if you go out and generate an income doing what you really love to do, you can afford to delegate lower-priority things so you can do more of what it takes to generate more income. 

The cost of what you pay to delegate will be insignificant compared to what you can generate if you get onto high-priority, more productive actions. 

One of my clients recently began implementing this in her life, and later told me that it was “a gold mine”. 

She said that her business had grown, her income had increased, she was doing more of what she loved and less of tasks that were lower on her values, which meant that she was not longer procrastinating, hesitating and frustrating. Instead, she felt freer, more inspired, more creative and less weighed down in her life.

The wisest way to begin is to delegate all lower priority activities is to delegate them to somebody who would have it high on their priority list, something that they value more than you do that they would be inspired to do. 

Don’t hire somebody just to save money but hire somebody who can get the job done to free you up to do what you truly love doing and that produces greater service and returns. 

Get it off your plate. Do what you love, love what you do, and delegate the rest away. That is a huge action step that provides great freedom.

Life Lesson 5: Metric your achievements

What I mean by this is to monitor what you achieve on a daily or weekly basis. 

When I put metrics into my practice, my practice grew. When I put metrics in my day planning and goal planning, I noticed that I achieved more. 

In other words, the metrics are there to document if you are doing what you said you were going to do.

In my case, I put a daily checklist together called the “Did I? List”. I already have a clear strategy and a list of high-priority actions, so the next logical step for me was putting together a checklist to see if I was walking my talk or limping my life.

In my case, I read the list every morning, and checked off items I completed each evening. Anything I noticed I was repeatedly not doing, I linked higher to my values or I delegated it to somebody else. This process freed me up as I further refined my priorities and began achieving more of my goals and objectives in life.

I am certain that if you metric your achievements, you speed up the process of figuring out what worked, what didn't work, and how you can do it more effectively and efficiently tomorrow.

After all, if an objective is truly important to you, you'll metric it. And if you metric it, you'll keep your mind focused on it.

Life Lesson 6: Document what you’re grateful for

The sixth most powerful life lesson is to document what you're grateful for.

I have the largest gratitude list of anybody I've ever met on the planet. I spend about ten minutes a day, often in the morning and again in the evening, listing all the things I am grateful for.

I often have people tell me that they are amazed at how disciplined I am in this daily habit, and I often reply, “Why wouldn’t I want to do it daily? Why wouldn’t I want to document what I am blessed to be able to create and do in life?”

The time spent creating these lists each day in my opinion is insignificant compared to how it pays off. 

To document what you do and to be able to look at the impact it has is inspiring for you to read and one day possibly even for others such as your family to read.

To sum up:

Some of the most powerful life lessons I have learned in the past 50 years and that I have also shared with hundreds of thousands of people both online and physically around the world is:

  1. It is wise to determine what you truly value and what your life already demonstrates that you’re committed to.
  2. Ask yourself: How can I get handsomely paid by doing my highest value?
  3. Ask yourself: What are the highest priority action steps I can do today that will help me do what I love doing and fulfill my dream?
  4. Let go of or delegate non-essential and low-priority tasks
  5. Metric your achievements
  6. Document what you’re grateful for

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