Stress by Dr John Demartini

What is Stress and how do you realize you are stressed?

Having more month at the end of your money than money at the end of your month, or wondering if your partner is having an affair and about to leave you, or possibly having your power cut off just before an important presentation, are examples of events in daily life that can initiate varying degrees […]

Leadership by Dr John Demartini

What is the single most important element of Leadership?

The most important element of leadership is the congruency between someone’s goals or intentions and their highest values and priorities. When goals and values are aligned the greatest creativity and productivity emerges. Authentic original ideas and companies are born out of such congruency. These visionaries are unstoppable. When leaders do not subordinate to the opinions […]

How to reduce Debt - by Dr John Demartini

How to reduce Debt?

“Turn debt into service and focus on the service. Don’t focus on the debt; focus on the service. Thank the debt and focus on the service. Let’s say that you owe a hundred thousand dollars and you have to pay a thousand dollars a month for it. What you do is divide that up in […]

Social Media Distractions - by Dr John Demartini

Do you think that social media confuses and distracts us from figuring out what is most important to us?

If you allow yourself to become distracted by social media and let it occupy space and time in your mind, or let it consume you, then that is your own doing. But, if you prioritize your daily actions according to your own true highest values, your inner mission will emerge and become present in your […]

Spirituality - by Dr John Demartini

How important do you think Spirituality is?

Being inspired by your purposeful life (being spiritual) is wise and essential for human fulfillment. Everyone is continually expressing their form of spirituality according to their own true highest values – where they are most spontaneously inspired from within. Spirituality transcends any form of religious institutional structure, images, teaching, rituals or dogma. Although such derivatives […]

Anxiety - by Dr John Demartini

Anxiety is a topic that deserves more awareness, so many people suffer in silence in their day to day lives,how do you suggest people begin to overcome it rather than being a victim to it?

An anxiety can emerge when we have perceived (or misperceived) some form of challenging event in the past, have not balanced or neutralized it emotionally, and are experiencing its lingering primary, secondary, tertiary or compounded associations that have escalated it into a lingering fear that can be subtly reactivated by many of the not immediately […]

Marriage - by Dr John Demartini

The idea of marrying more than once seems to be much more common today than ever before, Why do you think this is?

I believe one of the biggest contributing factors is that there are a huge number of people who still live with the illusion that the purpose of marriage is happiness. This fantasy apparently began in the 12th century with the creation of romantic love by the troubadours. Marriage is not about happiness, it is about […]

air Exchange - by Dr John Demartini

Fair Exchange

Love is the willingness to communicate some service to somebody else in a form that aligns with their value system, so that they feel they are being cared for. When you have fair exchange with somebody, that means you are basically communicating something and offering something that is valuable to you in terms of what’s […]

Finding Your Purpose - by Dr John Demartini

Finding Your Purpose

Your purpose is inherent. If you are unclear on what it is, it is waiting to be revealed from deep within your heart. It is simply clouded over by your mind’s seven primary fears that block its realization and fullest expression. To transcend these fears – kneel down at the side of your bed at […]

Gaols aligned to Values - by Dr John Demartini

What advice can you offer to set goals aligned with values?

It is first wise to determine your true highest values. This can be done through completing the Demartini Value Determination Process found on my website. After completing this process and identifying your top three highest values it is then wise to begin prioritizing your daily actions and sticking to and fulfilling these highest priority actions […]