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Wisdom from over 5 decades of human behavioral research and speaking and 4 decades of practical business consulting. Dr John Demartini’s revolutionary methodologies in human transformation: The Demartini Method and Values Applications can now be yours for Lasting Transformation.

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to consult with Dr John Demartini in person as he sails around the world to your country or city. Meet, consult or have him present live custom presentations to yourself or your select audience.

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Dr John Demartini provides one-on-one personal and professional consultations and also group training sessions either online or in-person when his ship docks in cities around the world. You can also arrange for him to travel to your destination.

Private Consultations

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A consultation can be individual (personal or professional), a couple, family, or a group.

The Demartini Method, which includes the values application, is the primary methodology used in consultations to dissolve tension, build relationships, unify and refocus teams, clarify vision and goals, dissolve conflict, overcome anxiety, anger, distress, fear or guilt, perceptions of loss or any personal, professional or health issue causing you distress

Book a Private Consultation with Dr Demartini
The Demartini Method

Speaking Engagements

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Dr John Demartini has a range of programs and presentations applicable for all business types ranging from keynote talks to full-day seminars.

Topics can include (but not limited to) productivity, team building, company or department values assessments, conflict management, goal setting, future planning, leadership development.

Book a Speaking Engagement with Dr Demartini
The Demartini Method

Hosting Dr Demartini in Your Town

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Many people around the world have been inspired to share Dr John Demartini’s work with their networks either online or by hosting him in their country.

If you’d love to explore bringing Dr Demartini to your country to present keynotes or seminars let us know so we can assist you in making that happen.

Bring Dr Demartini’s Presentations to Your Home Town
The Demartini Method

Interview Dr Demartini

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Dr John Demartini has been interviewed on numerous podcasts, social media channels, television, radio, magazine, newspaper and online publications around the world.

As a human behavior expert and polymath, he’s been interviewed on a wide range of topics such as:

Business Development | Financial Empowerment | Social Empowerment | Leadership and Career Development | Relationship Dynamics | Enhancing Communication | Reducing Stress and Conflicts | Family Dynamics | Learning Disabilities | Managing Emotions | Mental Health and Wellbeing | Mind-Body Connections | Health and Healing | Science, Cosmology and Cosmogony | Dealing with Addiction | Vision and Mission | Goals and Achievement | Excelling in Sports and Teams | Mind Mastery for Life Mastery | and much more....

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The Demartini Method