Extensive Wisdom Curriculum

Revolutionary curriculum in human development

Foundation Phase

When you know who you are, know what your mission and vision is, you're clear to move forward towards your goals and dream. The Foundation Phase is here to support you in getting clear on your values, vision and mission.

Mind Mastery

Gaining the power of your mind gives you the greatest tool to leverage on the planet. All the courses in this phase are focused on helping you to master your mind. You'll discover how to manage your emotions, navigate challenge and awaken a deeper, clearer vision and objective for your life.

Life Mastery

Any area of your life you do not empower leaves you vulnerable to someone else setting the rules for your life. The courses in this phase are structured to help you empower all the 7 areas of your life: mental, business, finance, physical, social, familial, spiritual. The courses are a synthesis of the greatest knowledge and wisdom I've acquired in over 4 decades of research so that you're able to stand on the shoulders of the Greatest Minds in all areas of life.

Legacy Mastery

Now that you've mastered your day-to-day, it's time to cement your legacy. Receive a crash course in the lifetime of study by Dr John Demartini into the more holistic and esoteric aspects of living in the most fulfilling, lasting and impactful way as a human on Earth.