Dr. John Demartini

Dr. John Demartini is a polymath and a world-renowned human behavior expert. He has over 4 decades of research across multiple disciplines. His work has been described by students as the "most comprehensive body of work", "an extensive library of wisdom" and "wisdom of the highest and most valuable order"

Dr. Demartini's mission and vision is to share knowledge and wisdom that empowers you to become a master of your own life and destiny.

He's an internationally published author, a global educator and the founder of the Demartini Method, a revolutionary tool in modern psychology.

His education curriculum ranges from personal growth seminars to corporate empowerment programs. He shares life, business, financial, relationship and leadership empowerment strategies and empowerment tools that have stood the test of time.

Human behavior specialist, educator and internationally published author. Founder of the Demartini Method, a revolutionary tool in human transformation and empowerment
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World Class Events

with Dr. John Demartini

Dr. Demartini has studied over 30,000 books across all the defined academic disciplines and has synthesized the wisdom of the ages which he shares online and on stage to over 100 countries.

His presentations whether keynotes, seminars or workshops, leave clients with insights into their behavior and the keys to completely transform their lives.

His signature program The Breakthrough Experience has been delivered in 64 countries to over 100000 students to date.



drDemartini book
drDemartini book
drDemartini book
drDemartini book
drDemartini book
drDemartini book

Best Selling Author

with Dr. John Demartini

Dr. Demartini is the author of over 40 self-development books and manuscripts such as the #1 bestseller ‘The Breakthrough Experience®’ which has been translated into over 36 languages.

He has produced over 70 CDs and DVDs as well as an extensive range of online courses covering subjects ranging from empowering your relationships, finance, education, business, leadership and health.

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"It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you perceive it and the actions you decide to take that determine your destiny"
~Dr. John Demartini


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How to Unleash Your Full Potential with Kerwin Rae
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Live In Alignment With Your Values To Achieve Massive Success

Butterfly Song

Featuring Dr. John Demartini

Song is about discovering your mission, not letting challenges you face hold you back. Making it work for good causes.

We're passionate about helping people find their mission. We have set up a charitable trust, which all proceeds from the sale of the songs will go into. This will be used to support many charities that help people discover their mission or get back on track

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Researcher &
Visionary Thinker

Sharing The Wisdom Of the Ages

Libinetz inspired Dr. John Demartini at the age of 18 by saying that there's a hidden order in the world, few ever get to see it. But those who do, their lives are transformed forever.

This sent Dr. Demartini on a quest to discover this hidden order which is why he's acquired a polymathic knowledge of the world, human psychology and how to use the knowledge to empower all 7 areas of our lives.

Dr. Demartini is a man on a mission, he's a genius and a visionary thinker with a goal to advance humanity by introducing a new paradigm for mankind based on universal laws and principles synthesized from the wisdom of the ages. There is an order in the universe and it's evident in our psychology, our world and our universe. Dr. Demartini has developed a process called the Demartini Method® which helps you to see the hidden order in the apparent outer chaos. When you see it, your life will be transformed forever.

Value Determination

with Dr. John Demartini

I've studied the principles of human behavior as it relates to self empowerment for over 48 years and I can tell you that no topic is more significant than VALUES if you want to unlock your greatest power and potential. When you know what you truly value, what's most important to you, you have a powerful key in your hands. A key that opens up the doorway to your greatest empowerment, leadership, abundance and fulfilment. Knowing your values is key to your most authentic, original and empowered life. This is why I've made my Value Determination Process is available for you to use FREE on this site. Just click to take the 13 part assessment now.

The Demartini Method

The Demartini Method, developed by Dr. John Demartini, is a cutting-edge personal transformation methodology that is the culmination of almost 5 decades of research and studies in numerous disciplines including physics, philosophy, theology, metaphysics, psychology, astronomy, mathematics, neurology and physiology.

The Demartini Method is a tool that helps people see the magnificence of their life and realize that they don’t need “fixing”. It's the primary methodology introduced at Dr. Demartini's signature 2-day program the Breakthrough Experience which you can attend online.

The Demartini Method helps people express feelings of gratitude, love, certainty and inspiration because they can see the hidden order and the magnificence, the divine perfection in their lives. It all begins with learning to see both sides, learning to see the synchronicities of opposites which results in your becoming grateful for your life.

The Breakthrough Experience is an amazing gift. It gave me a new perspective on life that provides an understanding of balance I never had. Although I achieved goals that many would consider accomplishments, most of my life consisted of living in an up and down roller coaster. I'm looking forward to the road ahead. I'll be able to reach new heights with flow and synchronicity.

Rick Yune - American Actor, Screenwriter, and Producer

It remains an understatement to say that you changed my life. After attending the Breakthrough Experience, I set off to start my own manifestation mindset coaching business, seeking to teach modern women the truth based in duality and universal laws. Since then, Kimberley Wenya (my first and second names) has become a multiple 6 figure company.

Kimberley Loo - The Kimberley Wenya Podcast

I have seen both sides (balance) since I was 19 when I read the Breakthrough Experience book. That book stopped me from ending my life. It also helped me help other people who were going to do the same. I could go on for days about the insights I got in your recent weekend seminar, but all I need to say is that I am grateful.

Charlotte C

I’ve received the Pharmacist of the Year award on 19th October (exactly 1 week after the Breakthrough Experience). I've been nominated since 2017 and this is the first time receiving the award. Thank you so very much for the grief experience and learning over the weekend. I've been sharing that amazing experience and transformation with family, friends, patients and medical colleagues. Many have already benefited from my new approaches in my consultations to help them with their diabetes, weight issues and chronic diseases management.

Vivien J-WH - B.Pharm MPS AACPA CDE

Dr. Demartini saves you the trouble of reading every book in the world ever written on psychology, economics, business, spirituality and relationships, actually everything. He has studied all these subjects for you and makes sense of it all in a user-friendly way unsurpassed by anyone else. Damon Kalvari - Producer of 5FM Gareth Cliff Show.

Vivien J-WH - B.Pharm MPS AACPA CDE

Dr. John Demartini’s knowledge and ability to synthesise history and great lessons to teach others how to find their mission, deepest core values and truest leadership is impeccable. His dedication to people’s greatness is unmatched and he would be my FIRST choice for any presenter, speaker or educator to work with myself, my team or my students when it comes to the topics he speaks on.

Kane Minkus, Industry Rockstar Pty Ltd

The Demartini Concourse of Wisdom

Dr. John Demartini's Revolutionary Curriculum in Human Development

Foundation Phase

When you know who you are, know what your mission and vision is, you're clear to move forward towards your goals and dreams. The Foundation Phase is a series of modules, courses and opportunities to help you get clear on your values, vision and mission.

Mind Mastery

Gaining the power of your mind gives you the greatest tool to leverage on the planet. All the courses in this phase are focused on helping you to master your mind. You'll discover how to manage your emotions, navigate challenge and awaken a deeper, clearer vision and objective for your life.

Life Mastery

Any area of your life you do not empower leaves you vulnerable to someone else setting the rules for your life. The courses in this phase are structured to help you empower all the 7 areas of your life: mental, business, finance, physical, social, familial, spiritual. The courses are a synthesis of the greatest knowledge and wisdom I've acquired in over 4 decades of research so that you're able to stand on the shoulders of the Greatest Minds in all areas of life.

Legacy Mastery

The space and time of your inner most dominant thoughts determines the magnitude of your vision and thereby your manifested outer tangible reality and legacy. The courses in this phase will take you through a sacred philosophic journey and fill in the gaps in your knowledge across 260 disciplines or ologies, leaving you with a profound understanding of universal laws from the atomic through to the astronomic. Get ready to awaken to the hidden order in all aspects of existence.