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Know Yourself. Be Yourself. Love Yourself.

Most people live their lives trying to be somebody they're not - thinking that they're failing because they haven't recognized and honored who they truly are and where the form of their greatest genius and potential already exists.

It exists in the area of your highest values, what's most deeply meaningful to you, it's evident in all your daily actions - we call it your highest values or your top priorities.

It's unwise to spend your whole life pouring energy into trying to be a fantasy version of you, when you could instead recognize, love and appreciate the real you (the summation or hierarchy of your highest values), the source of your greatest leadership, creativity, and innovation.

Don't spend another day under the illusion that you're failing and not making progress towards your goals and dreams.

There's no need to judge yourself, because the very thing you've been looking for has always been there, right in front of you, WITHIN.

When you know what you value most, and you build your life around that, you'll be amazed by the progress you'll make empowering all 7 areas of your life.

Determining your values means you'll become clear on what you value most so you can do more of what you love, and love more of what you do.

Why I Developed The Demartini Value Determination Process

Developed The Demartini

When I was 23 years of age and in professional school earning my doctorate degree, I came to realize how significant the hierarchy of values was in human perceptions, decisions, actions, drive and achievement.

I searched for and found various ways of determining what people called ‘values'. But the methods I discovered seemed to be way too subjective and socially ideal and were more geared to what individuals seemed to want to believe in, more so than the actual values they were making decisions and living by.

So I began researching and developing an alternative way to more objectively determine values so that social pressure and idealisms could be filtered out.

The Demartini Value Determination Process evolved over the years to what it is today. 13 questions that will clearly reveal what your life demonstrates as most valuable to you, your highest priorities or your hierarchy of highest values.

The Demartini ~Dr John Demartini

The Demartini
Value Determination Process Free 13-Step Process to Uncover Your Highest Priorities

Value Determination

Knowing your unique hierarchy of values, or highest priorities, is the most important place to start if you intend to expand to the next level of your empowerment.

Whether you wish to grow your finances, leadership, influence or your business, whether your intention is to transform your relationship, health or any area of your life, it all starts with understanding what's highest on your values.

Take action today, the only cost is your time.


No matter how hard you try to empower your life, you’ll still feel frustrated by your perceived lack of progress and achievement if you’re unaware of your own values and you keep trying to live by somebody else’s values.

Your values influence every aspect of your perceptions, decisions, and actions.

It’s only when you get clear on what’s most important to you (what’s highest on your values), and you build your life around that, that you take the handbrake off on your life and finally start to see the progress and results you want.

Take the Value Determination online assessment, it’s FREE and will help you to clarify the most important areas of your life to focus on so you can nurture the authentic version of you.

  • Get guided through the 13 Value Determination questions Online
  • Get CLEAR on what your life is DEMONSTRATING as truly most important to you
  • Map out your unique hierarchy of values
  • Get access to your free Value Determination profile that you can revisit at any time
  • Discover the areas of your greatest potential in just 30 minutes
  • Understand how to apply your values in all 7 areas of life

It’s Time to Clarify Your Values and Focus on
Empowering The Authentic You


Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


How Do You Know If The Values You’re Trying to Live Are Really Yours? Answer The 13 Questions.

In the Value Determination process, you’ll be guided step by step to identify what your life demonstrates as your true hierarchy of values, setting you up to build your life around what matters most to you.

  • Receive video guidance along each step of the process
  • Finally have certainty that you know your highest values and have the key to see your authentic self
  • After determining your values you'll know what to focus on to achieve your goals and dreams
  • Leave knowing in what areas of your life your genius, leadership, and greatest potential reside

We Know You Value Being Authentic And Living True To Yourself

The path to living a truly authentic life is to know yourself and know what’s really important to you.

The challenge you may face however is that you’re not always aware that you're trying to be somebody that you're not.

You may find that at the end of each day you feel frustrated, possibly even labeling yourself a failure because you're not seeing the progress and achieving the goals you say are important to you.

We know that it’s easy to get caught up in the ideas of what you think you’re supposed to be, or what you hoped you’d be, and in the process miss the magnificence of who you really are.

Here’s How It Works:

  • Step 1: Log in to do the Value Determination process
  • Step 2: Answer the 13 Value Determination questions
  • Step 3: Take your clarified hierarchy of values and focus on building your life around that
An amazing life is really that simple. Click below to log in now, so you don’t waste another day frustrating yourself trying to be somebody you’re not. And instead, start focusing on developing your authentic self which will exponentially accelerate your progress towards your goals and dreams.

What Others Have Said

"Your work has helped me find my place in the world and both attract and create all manner of miracles in my life, from authentic relationships to a meaningful career."


Emily Gowor

Inspirational Writer and Speaker

"I woke up to the fact that my part time pursuit was my true inspiration and purpose in life. He is truly one of the greatest minds in and outside academic institutions. A polymath and true philosopher."


Prof. S. Mazaza

Professor .PhD

"Thank you for helping me to experience and expand my vision. The tools I have through attending your courses have helped me to not only tap into my vision, but to continue to reach the goals on the way to get there.”


Carly Pepin


"Dr John Demartini not only has the power to heal, but also the power to open up hearts to love again. His work is REAL magic!"


Dr Wayne Dyer

Author and Public Speaker

"Dr John Demartini is one of the greatest minds and illuminating teachers on the planet. The clarity of his teachings will inspire billions."


Rhonda Byrne

Executive Producer of "The Secret"

"The gifts Ive gained from your genius has changed the trajectory of my life in every area. I am deeply inspired to continue to give this gift of wisdom back to assist as many others as I can!"


Donna Parker

Coach, Marriage and Family Therapist

The Incredible Value of Values

Value Determination

Dr Demartini has concluded from his over 5 decades of study in human behavior, that the most important foundation of empowering your life is knowing what’s most important to you, which is why he developed the FREE Value Determination process, because he believes everyone deserves to have access to this hugely valuable tool.


Values Impact All
Aspects Of Your Life

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Values Are Derived From Your Voids


Your Values Determine What You Perceive To Be More Or Less Important


How Your Values Impact Your Perceptions, Decisions And Actions


Values And Social Idealisms


Values Dictate Your Destiny


Values And Discipline


Values Are Reflected In Your Language


Your Values Determine Your Identity


The Pursuit Of Passion Leads To Living By Your Lower Values


Your Mission Or Telos


Values And Your Patience And Perseverance


Values And Developing Your Executive Function


Values And Self-Worth


Values And Leadership


Values And Space And Time Horizons


Values And Goals


Values And Business


Values And Finance


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Values And Empowering All 7 Areas Of Life


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How Do You Determine Your Values


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