Dr John Demartini

Human Behavior Expert, Polymath and Internationally Published Author

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Dr. John Demartini is a polymath and a world-renowned human behavior expert. His work has been described by students as the "most comprehensive body of work", "an extensive library of wisdom".

Dr. John Demartini's mission and vision is to share knowledge and wisdom that empowers you to become a master of your own life and destiny.

He's an internationally published author, a global educator and the founder of the Demartini Method, a revolutionary tool in modern psychology.

His education curriculum ranges from personal growth seminars to corporate empowerment programs

His teachings are the synthesis of knowledge and wisdom from the greatest minds through history and his curriculum is designed to help you empower and inspire all 7 areas of your life.

Human behavior specialist, educator and internationally published author. Founder of the Demartini Method, a revolutionary tool in human transformation and empowerment
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World Class Events

Dr. John Demartini has studied over 30,650 books across all the defined academic disciplines and has synthesized the wisdom of the ages which he shares online and on stage to over 100 countries.

His presentations, whether keynotes, seminars or workshops, leave clients with insights into their behavior and the keys to completely transform and empower their lives.

His signature program The Breakthrough Experience has been delivered in person and online globally to over 100000 students to date.


Best Selling Author

Dr. John Demartini is the author of over 40 self-development books and manuscripts such as the bestseller ‘The Breakthrough Experience®’ which has been translated into over 36 languages.

He has produced 100+ audio and video online courses and products covering subjects such as Building Wealth, Mind-Body Connection, Accessing Your 7 Greatest Powers, Conscious Intention, Powerful Business Insights and many more.

Find out more about products and online learning modules.

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"The magnificence of who you are far exceeds any fantasy you will ever impose upon yourself."
- Dr John Demartini


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How to Unleash Your Full Potential with Kerwin Rae
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Live In Alignment With Your Values To Achieve Massive Success

Butterfly Song

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What Others Have Said

"Dr John Demartini not only has the power to heal, but also the power to open up hearts to love again. His work is REAL magic!"


Dr Wayne Dyer

Author and Public Speaker

"An original body of work, Dr John Demartini synthesizes science, philosophy and mysticism with magnificent simplicity and great practical sense."


Louise Hay

Hay House Publishing

"Dr John Demartini is one of the greatest minds and illuminating teachers on the planet. The clarity of his teachings will inspire billions."


Rhonda Byrne

Executive Producer of "The Secret"

"The Breakthrough Experience changed my whole perspective on life. Thank you for this gift."


Ana Ruiz

Transformational Relationship Coach

"Your work has helped me find my place in the world and both attract and create all manner of miracles in my life, from authentic relationships to a meaningful career."


Emily Gowor

Inspirational Writer & Speaker

"How lucky I am to have crossed paths with you as my teacher. Thank you so much for reopening my eyes to discover my authentic self, my mission in life."


Grace Wong

Project Manager
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Researcher &
Visionary Thinker

Sharing The Wisdom Of the Ages

Leibniz inspired Dr. John Demartini at the age of 18 by saying that there's a hidden order in the world few ever get to see, but those who do, their lives are transformed forever.

This sent Dr. John Demartini on a quest to discover this hidden order which is why he's acquired a polymathic knowledge of the world and human psychology.

Dr. John Demartini is a man on a mission, he's a genius and a visionary thinker with a goal to advance humanity by introducing a new paradigm for mankind based on universal laws and principles synthesized from the wisdom of the ages.

There is an order in the universe and it's evident in our psychology, our world and our universe.

Dr. John Demartini has developed a process called the Demartini Method® which helps you to see the hidden order in the apparent outer chaos. When you see it, your life will be transformed forever.


Value Determination

Dr. John Demartini will tell you that there is no topic more significant in human behavior than values.

If you want to unlock your greatest power and potential then knowing what you truly value, what's most important to you, is the key to open the doorway to your greatest empowerment, leadership, abundance and fulfillment.

Knowing your values is key to your most authentic, original and empowered life.

Most people live their lives trying to be somebody they’re not - thinking that they’re failing because they haven’t recognized and honored who they truly are and where the form of their greatest genius and potential already exists.

It exists in the area of your highest values.

Complete the FREE Online Value Determination


The Demartini Method

The Demartini Method is a cutting-edge personal transformation methodology. It is being used by many leading specialists in the mind mastery field such as psychology, psychiatry, coaching, mentoring, teaching, and holistic healing to create new perspectives and paradigms in thinking and feeling.

It is the culmination of more than 5 decades of research and synthesizes numerous disciplines including physics, philosophy, theology, metaphysics, psychology, astronomy, mathematics, neurology and physiology.

It’s the key methodology incorporated in Demartinian psychology and consists of executive function development exercises used strategically to drive the evolution of the human brain through balancing the mathematical equations of perceptions.