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How to live by your highest values

Human behaviourist Dr John Demartini explains how to live by your own unique hierarchy of values so that you live an inspiring, meaningful and fulfilling life
Each of us has a unique hierarchy of values that determine how we perceive the world, make decisions and act upon them. This set of values also decides our individual destiny.
Each of our unique set of values emerges from whatever we perceive to be most missing in our lives at any moment in time. These perceived voids thus determine our values and these evolve through time. Every decision we make is based upon what we imagine at any particular moment will provide us with the greatest advantages over disadvantages and greatest rewards over risks. When we continually set goals that align with our top three highest values, we increase the probability of living an inspiring, meaningful and fulfilling life.
Set goals aligned with your values
Determine your true highest values. (This can be done through completing the Demartini Value Determination Process found on my website - This process will help you identify your top three highest values. Now start prioritising your daily actions: fulfill those high priority actions and delegate all lower priority actions to others. If you don’t fill your day with high priority actions that inspire you, it will be filled with low priority distractive actions that don’t.
Anytime you set goals that are not aligned with your true highest values, you decrease the probability of having a fulfilling life and end up experiencing what I call ‘the self-depreciating ABCD’s of negativity’ – internally directed anger and aggression, blame and feelings of betrayal, criticism and challenge and despair and depression.
Determine what is important
Over time, our lives demonstrate our true highest values. Each of our daily decisions is based upon these values. No one can indefinitely act or live outside their true highest values without repercussions. Although a number of people subordinate to other authorities to some degree and thus become clouded about what is truly most important to them, and may even attempt to live according to other’s values, they cannot sustain such actions, nor can they repress their own nature. 
Prioritize your life
Fill your days with what truly inspires you most. Also, caringly help others fulfill what is most important to their highest values. Document every experience, action or event that you can be grateful for each day. Gratitude is the key that opens the gateway of the heart. The heart is then filled with love which, when released, results in enthusiasm and inspiration.
Mastery of oneself is an ongoing project. Discovering the true magnificence and unique talents we all have is golden. Gradually awakening to the fuller realisation that nothing is actually ever missing or void within us is even more priceless. It is through transcending each of these transient illusions that this great realisation is gradually awakened.
So along our journey of awakening, setting goals that are true, real, balanced and in alignment with our true highest values and then living authentically according to them will awaken our calling and inspiration from within which is our greatest wisdom expressed through love. It is therefore wise to fill each day with our highest priority actions and delegate anything less – like a tree that is growing toward enlightenment.
By liberating ourselves from anything less than what is truly most important in our lives, we can then live our most inspired life. This requires that we fill our days with inspired actions that open our hearts and serve ourselves and an ever-greater number of others.
Dr. John Demartini is a human behaviour specialist, educator, author and the founder of the Demartini Institute. 

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