Congratulations - You’re About to Determine Your
Unique Hierarchy of Values

Your key to empowerment, drive, focus, enthusiasm and self-appreciation


What to Expect

You will be asked 13 questions which will assist you to honestly look at what your life demonstrates as truly important to you.

Determine My Values

How to Get The Most Out of This Process

Set 30 minutes aside to complete the online process as you go through each step, watch the video instruction, read through each detailed question. Then answer the question as instructed.

Answer only what your life actually demonstrates to be true. Be mindful not to answer what you HOPE it will be, or what you think it SHOULD be, or what other people tell you it is. ONLY answer what you see in your own life as being true.

Use the past month as the time frame.

You’ll be asked to provide 3 answers per question, make sure this is your top, 2nd most and 3rd most answers.

Your life demonstrates your highest values, what’s most important to you. The 13 questions that follow are designed to help you become crystal clear on what those most important areas of your life are.

When you know what you most value you can then build your life around those important areas which is the key to greater achievement, focus, genius, objectivity, adaptability, vision, mission and purpose.