The Power of Your Governed Mind vs The Instability of Emotions

DR JOHN DEMARTINI   -   Updated 2 years ago

Dr John Demartini shares an in-depth discussion on the Power of the Governed Mind vs the Instability of Emotions.

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DR JOHN DEMARTINI - Updated 2 years ago

Achieving a balanced, centred and governed mind so you’re not ruled by the instability of emotion

In the Breakthrough Experience program that I've been teaching now for over 32 years, I make a distinction between a TRANSCENDENT state of mind and an IMMANENT state of mind:

  • A transcendent state of mind is when you have transcended the outer emotional reactions; and
  • An immanent state of mind is when you succumb to outer emotional reactions and let the world around you run you extrinsically.

I said in 'The Secret' movie many years ago that when the voice and the vision on the inside is louder than all opinions on the outside, you begin to master your life.

Mastering your life includes being intrinsically driven and focused, instead of externally reactive.

Let me take a step back here and define an ‘emotion’, which is essentially an attraction or repulsion, a seeking or avoiding, or an impulse or instinct towards or away from something that you perceive will provide you with more positives than negatives or more negatives than positives in the future.

Each time you’re faced with an experience or event, you’re likely to evaluate it and project your values onto it:

Scenario A – In your mind you perceive it to be more supportive than challenging

When you perceive whatever is going on as being more supportive than challenging to yourself, you activate your parasympathetic nervous system and elation in your epigenetics. As a result, you are likely to create physiological and psychological motor responses to seek it out and embrace it. In some cases, if the ratios of your perception are extremely high and supportive in nature, you might even become addicted and compulsively driven to it because you perceive that you can’t live without it. If you prefer to watch the video on the Power of Your Governed Mind vs The Instability of Emotions, click below. ↓




Scenario B – In your mind you perceive it to be more challenging than supportive

When you perceive things in your mind as being more challenging than supportive, with more negatives than positives, you could have the opposite response. In other words, an instinctual response to avoid it, get away from it and repel from it. This state often results in a blood glucose and oxygen response in your amygdala, which is the desire center in the subcortical area of the brain that is used mostly in emergencies. In other words, it is there to help you survive but not necessarily thrive.

This survival response is often necessary – for example, if you are about to be knocked over by a car or eaten by a lion - but it is still an extrinsic and emotional response.

Emotions are a movement towards or away. They are also sensory based, which means that a perception is imbalanced.

When you are infatuated with something, you are likely to be conscious of the upsides and unconscious of the downsides, conscious of the positives and unconscious of the negatives. You also tend to have a confirmation bias on the positives and a disconfirmation bias on the negatives. In other words, you may not see both sides of a situation, just the fantasy that there will be more advantages than disadvantages. This could apply to many areas of your life – for example, fantasies about romantic relationships or shopping sprees 

Your intuition will always try to reveal to you the parts of which you are unconscious.

Think of when you were infatuated with someone, only to discover things about them that you may not like. As a result, you are likely to have grounded yourself to get back into balance so you could liberate yourself from the attachment. Anything that you infatuate with will occupy space and time in your mind and run you.

The same principle applies when you feel resentful and are conscious of the downsides and unconscious of the upsides. As a result, you might be subjectively biased away from it with an instinct to avoid it at all costs. Your intuition may then try to reveal more positives and upsides to bring you back into balance.

The second you have an imbalanced, irrational or emotional state, it would be wise to see it as a feedback mechanism to let you know that you are not seeing things as they actually are. Instead, you are likely to be only seeing the parts that are fragmented and irrational and incomplete.

Associations from previous subconsciously stored information can result in a stimulus response.

Let’s say that you met somebody that you didn't have a great experience with. Later, you may then meet someone else who reminds you of this person – perhaps their facial expressions, mannerisms or how they dress. This association could trigger feelings of distrust, an emotional response of avoidance, or perhaps even a gut feeling that you just don’t trust them. These emotions that seemingly appear out of nowhere are likely the result of an imbalance of subconsciously stored information in your mind.

This is one of the key reasons why I created the Demartini Method that I present in the Breakthrough Experience, to assist people in sorting their imbalanced perceptions in mind that often result in uncertainty and a lack of clarity. The Demartini Method will help you sort through it by asking quality questions that hold you accountable to bring your mind back into balance.

The moment your mind is balanced, you are most likely to enter into a secondary state called the transcendent mind.

Your intuition will always try to reveal the unconscious to make you fully conscious, and to take the ignorant part and make it wise. As a result, you will be more likely to be fully aware and see both sides, instead of seeing false positives and negatives.

This also means that you will tend to move out of “survival mode” where you operate out of your desire center in your amygdala, and move into the executive function of your prefrontal cortex where you can activate the most amazing parts of your mind.

This is where inspiration, not infatuation, tends to occur. This is also where grace and true gratitude is likely to occur. This is also where you are most able to transcend mediocrity and go on to the extraordinary. It’s also where innovation, creative thinking, and unborrowed vision will most likely occur, and where you are likely to have the most certainty and the most presence. 

The quality of your life is based partly upon the quality of the questions you ask yourself.

If you are not inspired about your life or if you are not living the life you truly dream of, it may depend on the type of questions you ask yourself. The moment you do is the moment your life begins to change.

These questions can make you aware of things you are ignorant of and help you see both sides of things. When you are aware of both the positives and the negatives, the supportive and challenging, the kind and the cruel, the nice and the mean, and whatever other whatever polarities there are, you are most likely to awaken your transcendent mind and live an inspired, focused, enthused, grateful, loving, certain, and present life.

When you live by your highest values, you tend to have higher objectivity and more neutrality, while also being more resilient and adaptable and able to awaken your magnificence.

You have a unique set of values - if you live in priority and delegate lower priority things and awaken your objective state, you are more likely to access the transcendental mind magnificently at will.

That's why I do the Demartini Method, because it gives you the options in life, the freedom in life not to let the world on the outside dictate your destiny, but to let the voice and the vision on the inside be more profound than all the voices on the outside.

The Demartini Method can teach you to ask the right question so you can liberate yourself from those ratios of emotion that can distract you from being present. So, if you want to be more present, more inspired, more grateful, more focused and more resilient, you have the capacity with the Demartini Method.


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