The Best Advice on How to Master Your Life

DR JOHN DEMARTINI   -   Updated 1 year ago

Dr Demartini shares key elements that'll assist you leverage opportunities that surround you. You have what it takes to transform wherever you are into the place you'd love to be.

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DR JOHN DEMARTINI - Updated 1 year ago

The best advice on how to master your life and rise to the top of your game. It all begins with identifying your life's true highest value, your highest priority and then prioritizing your daily actions and perceptions.

What happens physiologically when you live by priority?

When I teach how to master your life, I often share how every human being has a unique set of priorities or values in their life. These are fingerprint-specific to each individual – no two people have the exact same set of priorities or values.

What you might not know is that when you live according to your highest values or top priorities, blood, glucose and oxygen goes into your forebrain, which is the executive center of your brain. So, anytime you fill your day with your highest priority actions and do what is most important, meaningful and inspiring in your life; you wake up the part of your brain that is involved in inspired vision, strategic planning, objectivity, execution of plans, and self-governance. You are also more likely to wake up your leadership capacities because you will tend to be more effective and efficient in your actions and have more resilience and stamina in life.

On the other hand, when you fill your day with low priority actions, the blood glucose and oxygen goes into your hindbrain. So, instead of waking up your executive center for inspired vision, you wake up your hindbrain, which deals with conditioned reflexes, and impulses for immediate gratification and the avoiding of pain. As a result, you are most likely to avoid challenges and seek an easy less-efficient path, while also taking on the role of follower.

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Judgment is what stops you from living at the top of your game and being able to master your life.

When you judge someone and put him or her above you on a pedestal, you end up minimizing yourself in return and putting yourself second, not first or at least equal. In doing so, you raise their power and minimize yourself. In other words, you self-depreciate and will tend to inject their values into your life, which in turn disempowers you and you live inauthentically rather than mastering your life.

Trying to be someone you are not is not the wisest way to try get to the top in life. Being second at being somebody else is not the wisest way to lead or rise. Judgment in the sense of exaggerating somebody else and minimizing yourself is more likely to result in you being a victim of history, not a master of life.

The other form of judgment is when you put people down and try to project your values onto them. No one can live in your values long-term, which is likely to result in you becoming and angry, critical and discouraged; not to mention distracting yourself from your highest priority actions that bring you to the top in life. 

When you value you, so does the world.

When you do things that are high in your list of values, your self-worth goes up. When you do things low on your list of values, your self-worth goes down. So, if you want to raise your self-worth, you would be wise to live by priority.

What is the highest priority action you can do today that will serve the greatest number of people in the most effective and efficient manner, where you can have a sustainable fair exchange to be able to have an income, to be able to delegate lower priority things so you can get ahead and be at the top of your game?

I am certain that if you do low priority things that distract you, that are unfulfilling, that devalue you, that scatter you, that frustrate you and that you procrastinate on, your self-image in life will go down.

In order to master your life, the key is to make sure that you focus on your top priority daily, the absolute highest, most important thing you can be doing in that particular moment. If you do that, you will tend to expand yourself and your space and time horizons in life. If not, you will be more likely to shrink instead of expand and shine. And I so want you to expand and to give yourself permission to do something extraordinary, instead of being an ordinary individual who lives by whatever goes on around you and subordinates to those in the external world.

Be the leader living in accordance with your highest values. Be the one to lead and not follow in life - the one to expand and not shrink.

In order to master your life, if you do not delegate lower priority actions, you will be trapped doing them which will depreciate you.

The fastest way to make yourself frustrated, burnt-out or bored is to do low priority things in your life.

Many years ago, I went up to Mary Kay from Mary Kay Cosmetics and asked her what I could do to help myself become a speaker who travels around the world. She suggested that I write down the six or seven highest priority actions that I could do every day that would give me greatest results in life and help me fulfil my dreams.

So, I did. I wrote them down on index cards and then began looking for the highest priorities of the highest priorities of the highest priorities. In my case, they were to research, write, travel and teach. That was when I realized that my job is to go and research, write, travel and teach, and to let go of everything else.

In other words, I began living life by priority. 

If you don’t fill your life with what you would love, it becomes filled with what you don’t.

When you prioritize your life and delegate the rest, you will have way more energy. Your energy will go up because you will be doing something that you love – that spontaneously inspires you. Your income is likely to go up goes because you will be remunerated more effectively. You will then be in a greater position to delegate things so you won’t feel bogged down and scattered. You will also be less likely to multitask and instead begin super-tasking.

In other words, you will tend to be at the top of your game, which is really the very highest priority thing you could be doing. 

When trying to master your life, do not try to do it all.

Give yourself permission to say no.

When you are unclear about what your true highest priorities in life are, you will have difficulty saying no to other’s expectations. Distractions can take you off track and consume your time, attention, energy, focus, power of concentration and productive capacity in life. Such distractions can derail you from greatly achieving or fulfilling what you would actually love to do in life.

Saying no to low priority distractions and saying yes to high priority actions is the key to master your life. Focus on and stick to what really matters most. You cannot please everyone, so don’t even begin to try.

  There is no such thing as true time management.

Getting your most important and inspiring actions in life done each day is not about managing your time. It is about choosing to focus your attention and intention wisely during the precious time you have.

When you focus and schedule your day to do certain high priority actions, you are more likely to get them done. It is important to take command of your daily schedule and become a master of planning and delegation, in order for you to focus on your central bulls eye of long-term and high priority actions in life.



  1. What is the highest priority action I can do today that can help me fulfil my life's mission on earth and master my life?
  2. What specifically has happened to me today and how specifically is that helping me fulfil my highest values in life?
  3. Do I want to just change my perception or change my action?
  4. What is the highest priority perception I can take today?
  5. What are the highest priority people I can associate with today?
  6. What is the highest priority of relationships I can develop today?
  7. What are the highest priority ideas I can stick in my head today?
  8. What are the highest priority videos to watch today?

When mastering your life, whether you wish to grow your finances, leadership, influence or your business, whether your intention is to transform your relationship, health or any area of your life, it all starts with first understanding what is highest on your list of values ( click here to begin the FREE Demartini Value Determination Process) and then choosing to live by priority according to those values.


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