Breakthrough To Experience The Transcendent Mind

DR JOHN DEMARTINI   -   Updated 3 years ago

Dr. Demartini discusses what you can do to break through to experience this life transforming state.

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DR JOHN DEMARTINI - Updated 3 years ago

Integrating the Conscious and Unconscious Portions of Your Mind to Experience a Transcendent, Superconscious State of Awareness

I've been teaching a 2-day seminar, the Breakthrough Experience, , for almost 32 years. In this program, I reveal how individuals can transcend any of their mind distracting, life burdening emotional judgments and turn them into life inspiring and empower states of appreciation and love. This process is called the Demartini Method  and it is a methodical, scientific, reproducible process that helps individuals transcend their judgments and dramas and get on with living their most meaningful and inspiring lives.

Let me explain further.

The moment you look up to somebody or become attracted to, or infatuated with them, you tend to be:

  • Conscious of their upsides, but unconscious of their downsides.
  • Conscious of their positives, but unconscious of their negatives.
  • Conscious of the things that support your highest values, but unconscious of the things that challenge your highest values.

In doing so, you are likely to split your full consciousness into conscious and unconscious halves and not see what is actually there but instead what you filter and distort through your subjective biases.

The opposite is also true – the moment you look down on somebody or become repelled by, or resentful of them, you tend  to be:

  • Conscious of their downsides, but unconscious of their upsides.
  • Conscious of their negatives, but unconscious of their positives.
  • Conscious of the things that challenge your highest values, but unconscious of the things that support your highest values.

In doing so, you are likely to again divide your full consciousness into conscious and unconscious halves. If you prefer to watch the video on how to Breakthrough To Experience The Transcendent Mind, click below. ↓


These distorting biases become stored in your subconscious mind, which results in further distorting your future perceptions. Whatever you infatuate with or become resentful to will occupy space and time in your mind and run you until you transcend these biased judgments and become liberated and freed.  So these biases will keep reverberating in the brain as electronic noise until those imbalances are brought back into balance.

This is why, when you meditate, you often initially have a significant amount of ‘noise’ in your brain that is vying for attention and distracting you. That ‘noise’ is your subconsciously stored imbalanced perceptions that are intuitively trying to find their other side to balance themselves out in order to liberate your mind and set it free.

Your subconscious biases can also manifest at night in dreams when these conscious and unconscious portions become “disk scanned” and cleaned out as fragments that have not been integrated so you can more fully rest with a balanced or integrated mind. This is what was called by the philosopher Immanuel Kant your indwelling or  immanent mind in full force – something you have in common with animals as it's part of your survival mode.

You tend to live in this immanent minded state when you live in alignment with your lowest values  or when you are not fulfilling your highest values. It is then that we are likely to store things and judge things as a result of more bias.

Your  transcendent superconscious mind, on the other hand, tends to only awaken or emerge when we have a perfectly balanced mind and obtain a state of integrated equanimity.

When your “transcendent mind”  comes on line you awaken full consciousness, which is sometimes called mindfulness, where you become conscious of the upsides and downsides synchronously and act wisely, more than react.


Because when you look up to somebody you infatuate with, you tend to minimize yourself in turn.

So, if you exaggerate their upsides and minimize their downsides, you’re likely to also exaggerate your downsides and minimize your upsides. And that shameful minimization of yourself is not your authentic self.

When you look down on somebody you resent, you tend to exaggerate yourself in turn.

So, if you exaggerate their downsides and minimize their upsides, you’re likely to also exaggerate your upsides and minimize your downsides. And that prideful exaggeration of yourself is also not your authentic self.

Anytime you distort your reality with a subjectively biased judgment, you tend to move out of state of authenticity and certainty and go into a world of uncertainty by wearing a false persona. The masks you wear, the facades you wear, are not your true nature or identity. Your authentic essential being is the integration of those two sides or masks but will only be experienced or awakened when you have perfectly equilibrated you conscious and unconscious portions of your mind. This is called equanimity or objectivity.

The moment you have equanimity of the mind and equity between you and other people, you discover a hidden order and your heart lightens up and ‘opens’, which spontaneously awakens true appreciation and love.

So, your transcendent superconscious mind is your authentic self. The transcendent mind is where you have certainty and presence. The transcendent mind unconditionally loves.

Now, every human being wants to be loved and appreciated for who they are, but how can you expect to be loved and appreciated for who you are, if you're not willing to be who you are?

So as long as you're proud, or shamed, you're not being who you are. As long as you're resentful or infatuated, you're not being who you are. But when you're actually in the center with equanimity, you're being authentic. And in that moment of authenticity, in that moment of grace, love, inspiration and presence, that's when you have the greatest certainty and the greatest potential to have your innermost dominant thought become your outermost tangible reality. You become a reacting creature to that which you judge and you become a creator to that which you love.

One of my primary purposes for developing the  Demartini Method  was to take whatever you've experienced that you've judged and stored in the subconscious mind, which has weighed you down with gravitational entropy and aged you, and ask a series of very precise questions; scientifically demonstrated, to reintegrate those parts, synchronously, where you become lightened up and radiantly awakened to a state of certainty with love, gratitude, presence, enthusiasm and inspiration.

Your Transcendent Mind and Your Highest Values:

When you live by your highest priorities or highest values, you have the highest probability of being objective.  Objectivity means unbiased, even minded or neutral minded.

When you are infatuated, you are not likely to have a balanced mental equation or be neutral. Instead, you’re likely to be subjectively biased and polarized. In other words, you might have a confirmation bias on the positives and disconfirmation bias on the negatives. You may have a false positive on the positives and a false negative on the negatives. So, you might not see things as they are – only your distortion.

The moment you live in alignment with your highest values, you will tend to be the more balanced and objective, and embrace both pain and pleasure in the pursuit of your purpose. Your highest value is the path of your most fulfilling purpose.

So, every time you do the Demartini Method and every time you equilibrate your mind, you are most likely to reawaken your purpose, reawaken your mission and spontaneously reconnect with your inspiration. In other words - reconnect with the love of what you feel you are here for. You are also then most likely to have an orientation of equity between yourself and others.

See, when you look up to people and minimize yourself, you will tend to go into altruism and sacrifice yourself for others and try to live in other people's values, which is futile and self-depreciative. When you are resentful, you are likely to be self-righteous and proud, and try to project your values onto them and get them to live in your values, which is futile and also inauthentic. But when you have equanimity or a balanced and transcendent mind, you are most likely to have equity between yourself and others, where you have integrated your facades of pride and shame, and become authentic. This is also when you will tend to have the most power, because you're likely to be disempowered when you disown parts of yourself – those portions you have been too proud or ashamed to own within deflected off others.

The Demartini Method and The Transcendental State:

Many people go through their life emotionally reacting and moving from one judgment to the next. Many of them don't even know that a state of transcendence exists or how to access it. In the Breakthrough Experience, I teach people that there's a science to accessing it and a science of becoming fully conscious.

For example, I've had people in the Breakthrough Experience, who have judged or resented someone in their life - a partner, a spouse, a parent, a rapist, a bully, or an aggressive boss. As we went through the Demartini Method, methodically asking questions that added reflection to their minds, allowed them to balance out their mental equations and dissolve their infatuations, resentments,  prides and shames, and labels they had about those they judged, they were then able to break the fantasies and nightmares that were stored in their subconscious mind, become present and finally see the synchronicity of opposites through a transcendent full consciousness.

When I do that in the Breakthrough Experience and show it to attendees, it often blows their minds when they realize that they have been running their drama filed stories and living as a victim of their histories more than a master of their destinies.  Through the Demartini Method, they are often able to see the upsides as well as the downsides for the first time and transcend their purpose distracting judgments.

If you are externally driven, blame things on the outside or give credit to things on the outside, you tend not to realize that it's only a reflection of some disowned portion of you. In other words, you have things that you infatuate and resent, the angels and the demons, the heroes and the villains, the saints and the sinners, the virtues and the vices all the biases that you project onto others, but they are often nothing more than projections of your own nature that you have disowned and not loved.

Once you realize that they are reflections and integrate them, you are likely to activate the super conscious mind, the cosmic conscious mind, the spiritual soul or the transcendent mind – whatever you prefer to call it – and it is profound because the authentic you is sitting there waiting to love and be inspired.

When the ancient philosophers stated “know thyself” – it meant knowing your true highest values, for it is through living congruently with your true highest values that awakens equanimity, objectivity and authenticity and helps you access your transcendental mind and State Of Unconditional Love or SOUL. That is why you are here on the planet and your purpose reflects. It's the pathway of objectivity and certainty. It's the most efficient, effective pathway to fulfill the greatest amount of voids (judgments) with the greatest amount of value (love).

So, if you want to have the greatest value, make the biggest contribution and do something extraordinary, you would be wise to be yourself. You are most likely to make the biggest difference by being unique to yourself and not conforming to others or diluting yourself. That is the path of equanimity and the transcendent mind.

To live by the immanent mind takes little effort – every animal and human being has that survival mechanism. It’s the lowest level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It’s where you tend to live by the imperatives of the injected values of those you subordinate to, ruled by the superego of moralities from external authorities, and living deontologically by duty. But the master, the leader, accesses their transcendent mind for wisdom and guidance, inspiration and empowerment - rather than their immanent mind for simple survival.

The Breakthrough Experience:

Your immanent mind will tell you what you haven't loved through impulses and instincts and what you haven't authentically balanced in your life through equanimity. In that way, it brings to your awareness what you now have an opportunity to love and master.

Benson's Law says that anything you practice and repeat consistently, you become skillful at and become masterful at. If you live by your highest values and delegate the lower priorities and be of service to other people, in a state of fair exchange and sustained equity, you are likely to build equity, build assets and accumulate the self-development and the love and the wisdom that nobody can take away from you. That enables you to fulfil more profound leadership roles as you expand and contribute more to humanity.


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