Focus On Your High Priority Actions: It's Your Life!

DR JOHN DEMARTINI   -   Updated 2 years ago

If you do not fill your day with high priority actions that inspire you, your day will fill up with low priority distractions...


DR JOHN DEMARTINI - Updated 2 years ago

Are you taking command of your life? Are you filling your day with truly meaningful objectives and high priority actions that fulfill and inspire you? Or are you letting the overruling world around you determine your fate?
If you do not fill your day with high priority actions that inspire you, your day will fill up with low priority distractions that will not. If you do not bring order to your life, disorder will rule your destiny.

The former will empower and vitalize you, while the latter will disempower and drain.

You have the same amount of time as anyone else, 24 hours in a day!

Your time is your life! Your life planning and management system can be judged by the overall life fulfillment it produces. It is just how you utilize the time you have that determines your fulfillment level.

There is no such thing as true time management.

Getting your most important and inspiring actions done each day is not about managing your time. It is about choosing to focus your attention and intention wisely during the precious time you have.

When you focus and schedule your day to do certain high priority actions, you are more likely to get them done. It is important to take command of your daily schedule and become a master of planning and delegation, in order for you to focus on your central bulls eye of long-term and high priority actions.

When you fill your day with high priority actions, it does not fill up with ones that are not!

The former awakens your forebrains executive centre. The latter uncages the unruly and distracted animal within.

Since there can be more than one kind of high priority action, it is wise to define them accordingly. You can do this by prioritising what is thought to be the highest of the highest priorities in each area of your life.


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If you are ambitious and desire great achievements, you will also require the ability to master the art of saying NO.

This may require the sawy of pausing for a moment, taking a deep breath and practicing the skill of responding to requests and offers with such responses as:

  • Thank you, but no thank you - I do appreciate your request or offer though.
  • Thank you for the offer, but at this time my schedule is full and will not allow for your request.
  • I appreciate your invitation, but at this time I am not available.
  • No thank you that will not work for me. I have other plans at this time.
  • No thank you that does not exactly inspire or appeal to me.
  • Thank you for the opportunity, but I am going to pass at this time.
  • I would first love to check my calendar, schedule and itinerary and then determine what truly is of highest priority and then possibly get back to you later.
  • Thank you for the opportunity, but I love giving my all to my projects and I have other very high priority projects on my plate at present and so I could not give it my all.

Saying yes because you cannot bear the short-term pain of saying no will cost you ever greater opportunities.

When you are unclear about what your true highest priorities are, and have difficulty saying no, distractions can take you off track and consume your time, attention, energy, focus, power of concentration and productive capacity. Such distractions can derail you from greatly achieving or fulfilling what you would actually love.

Give yourself permission to say no. Do not try to do it all.

Saying no to low priority distractions and saying yes to high priority actions is the key. Focus on and stick to what really matters most. You cannot please everyone, so don’t even begin to try.

Your time is finite.

If you do not make your life about what you would love to say yes to, it will become filled with what you intended to say no to. Embrace the trade-off.

If the answer to whether to do something, or not, is not a clear and definite yes, then make it a no. Integrity and sometimes tactful bluntness gets the job done. True friends or colleagues will respect you and your priorities. They will honour your time.

Many distractions that are being initiated by others are opportunistic in nature. Gracefully, respectfully and reasonably saying no, may temporarily disappoint the opportunist, but eventually it will lead them to respecting you even more.

Be a short term popularity loss for a long term gain in respect and achievement.

 It is time to take command of your life by creating and scheduling the undistracted, secluded space and time to creatively and uninterruptedly concentrate, think, reflect, focus, explore, ponder, write and then take inspired action.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, exhale slowly and get truly present in the moment and become chief commander of your life.

Ask yourself what is truly most important in this very present moment. By transcending the outer world you can more fully focus on what is truly most important now to build a great future.

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