The Deeper Meaning of Money

DR JOHN DEMARTINI   -   Updated 2 years ago

Dr. Demartini talks about the deeper meaning of money, and how people associate different concepts or ideas with money.

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DR JOHN DEMARTINI - Updated 2 years ago

Money is neither good nor evil, it is simply, money.

Let’s look at one of the deeper meanings of money, how people associate different concepts or ideas with money and create psychological and social dimensions to money, when in fact, money is simply a means of exchange and a form of credit!

Nearly 20 years ago, I was walking down Madison Avenue in Manhattan, New York when the title of a new book popped into my head – How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Get into Heaven. It popped into my head not only because I had consistently seen so many people struggle with money, but also because many of them appeared to have unresolved moral, psychological and spiritual or religious issues around money. Some of those idealisms were based on the idea that money is the root of all evil or that it is more blessed to give than to receive, or similar types of thinking. As a result, whenever they ended up with money, they tended to want to get rid of it through rescuing others or consumerism. So, I wrote the book for that purpose to try to dissolve that concern and go some way towards addressing and integrating spirituality and financial materiality.

  The wisdom of fair exchange:

When you exaggerate and inflate yourself and feel superior and self-righteous, you are not being authentic.

When you deflate and minimize yourself and feel inferior and “self-wrongeous”, you are also not being authentic.

But when you're balanced and poised or in a state of equanimity and present and objective and purposeful, you are likely to have the highest probability of creating and sustaining fair exchange with others.

When you puff yourself up, you tend to look down on people, become more narcissistic and think people owe you. When you minimize yourself, you tend to look up to people, become more altruistic and think you owe something to them. However, the moment you're authentic and no longer exaggerate or minimize yourself to others but instead see yourself as being equal to them, you are more likely to create a sustainable, fair exchange.

The second you have equanimity within yourself and equity between yourself and others, you will tend to care about what they value as much as you care about what you value. In doing so, you are likely to make sure that you care enough to communicate what you have as an offering - a product, service or idea - in terms of their highest values. The result is that they are then more likely to buy what you’re selling, which, in turn, will often results in your reaping the financial rewards and making more money.

However, if you exaggerate yourself, become narcissistic, look down on them, project your highest values onto them and expect them to buy what you have, without considering what they value most, they might not be interested in what you are selling. And then you won’t have an income.  If you prefer to watch the video on The Deeper Meaning of Money, click below. ↓



The opposite also tends to be true. If you minimize yourself, you are more likely to altruistically give away discounted products or services in order to close the deal or sale.

However, if you are being authentic and balanced, have equity between yourself and others, and care both about yourself and about them equally, you are far more likely to end up with a sustainable win-win fair exchange relationship.

If you try to give something for nothing, you are likely to feel that you've been short-changed, and they are likely to feel obligated. If you try to get something for nothing, they might feel short-changed, and you might feel obligated. But if you give something for something that's a fair exchange, both of you are more likely to experience an inner peace of mind, have a centered state, and have gratitude. They are likely to feel inspired to do business with you, and you are likely to have a grateful, and inspiring “spiritual” outcome because you've had a material fair exchange.

Maintaining fair exchange with others is the key that opens the doorway to sustainable transactions. If you feel that you got short-changed in a business relationship, you tend not to want to do business with them. If you feel that you gave more than you expected, you might also not want to do business with them in future. But when you have a fair exchange, you are both likely to do business again and again.

The compatibility of spirituality and finance:

The term “spirituality” has different meanings to different individuals but it has been considered by some to being in an inspired, centered, poised, present, purposeful and grateful state. Ultimately the mastery of financial materiality and spirituality can be  inseparable and the same state. As one ancient philosopher stated: Spirit without matter is expressionless and matter without spirit is motionless.

Spirituality is an expression of what inspires you as an individual according to your highest values. And the reason why you're inspired while doing your highest values is because that's where you had the most fair exchange, and when you're likely to be the most balanced, most objective and most reasonable. As a result, that’s when you are likely to end up with the most sustainable fair exchange. Others will be inspired to be in fair exchange with you.

The moment you have fair exchange, there's no limit on how many other individuals you can serve. Therefore, there's also no limit on the money you can generate in your life. If you get creative and care about humanity and serve more people, you have the opportunity to receive more money in life.

Make your spiritual life a business and your business life a spiritual experience

I’m not suggesting you start a religious organization but to look for the highest value based inspired purpose behind your everyday actions and your reasons for generating income in the first place. A company mission statement is not intended to be nice words framed on the wall. It is there that the purpose for the company’s existence is to be found, and the value it is able to offer others in the world in exchange for money.

When that purpose is clear, the company and the individuals within it will find a way to navigate through the ups and downs. If there is no inspiring and meaningful purpose or value, there will likely be no company and no money. Money made with meaning leads to philanthropy.

Transform your relationship with money

It is wise to start the journey of transforming your relationship with money by appreciating money and what it represents and can offer. If you don’t strive to appreciate what money represents as you receive it, you will probably not retain money for long.

Money will circulate through the economy and end up in the hands of those who appreciate and value it most, particularly when you take the time to become well versed in its wise management. When you manage money wisely you receive more money to manage.

Those that devalue money will spend their lives working for it and will ultimately squander it on depreciating consumables that also become devalued.

When you value money, you are likely to use and invest it to enhance the lives of others and you reap the profitable benefits and continue growing and accumulating money ultimately for an inspiring and philanthropic cause greater than yourself.


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