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How to make One Hell of a Profit & Still Get to Heaven - Paperback

Millions of people worldwide dream of making a "good" living, of accumulating great wealth, and having an extraordinary and fortunate life.

However, many fear that they can only do so at the expense of others, or they feel inwardly guilty about acquiring it, and their elusive conflict blocks or dissipates their potential fortunes.

Some people have an internal struggle between their desires to give and receive, and these individuals also hold themselves back from breaking through to new levels of financial freedom.

This book can assist you in dissolving these conflicts, making your financial dreams come true while shedding light on an entirely new way of looking at, understanding, and appreciating the true nature of earthly profits and heavenly wealth.

If you read and apply the principles and methodologies that are laid out in these pages, your relationship with, and ability to master, your spiritual wealth and material finances as well as other vital areas of your life will undergo an amazing transformation.