A Clear Mission Statement For An Inspiring Business

DR JOHN DEMARTINI   -   Updated 2 years ago

Inspiration in a company is directly proportionate to how vivid the vision in that company is to how clear that mission statement is


DR JOHN DEMARTINI - Updated 2 years ago

The inspiration in any company is directly proportionate to how vivid the vision in that company is and of how clear and articulate their mission statement is.


If I was to ask someone to tell me where they are going with their company and the person hesitates, and are unable to clearly articulate their answer - it is an indicator that their business mission statement is not sound and clear. When you try to build a company but you don’t have the sustaining drive and power of an inspiring mission statement, you will have much more difficulty.

Crystal clear Mission Statement

Each company provides a product, a service and an idea – I call it PSI – Product, Service, Idea. Every company must be grateful to share their PSI, and love and be inspired doing it. It’s absolutely essential for the growth and success of your business. It takes no effort for me to share from my heart what I love the most, my PSI. I don’t need outside motivation to get up in the morning to serve the world.

A company that does not have that type of love and appreciation for their product, service or idea will not explode and grow in business as much as they could if they had that inspiration.

A mission statement for the company is a statement from the core of the leader’s heart

A mission statement is not an idealistic, intellectual statement which sounds good for the people in the public. It is a statement from the core of the leader’s heart. What the leader is committed to, what they are inspired to do and what they feel they are here to fulfil on this planet - creates a powerful mission statement.

The mission statement of your business has to have heart.

You will know that you have captured the vision, inspiration and purpose, and the real purpose of the company from when you started it when you almost well up inside with tears. You feel it deep inside your heart.

A business mission statement is what you feel inspired about and it is what you dream about.

It is what you spend your time and your heart concentrating on and it is what you think and dream about. Your mission is the essence of your core value in life, and it’s what makes the mission of your business grow.

I have spent over 45 years on my mission statement which I still read and refine today. When I read my mission statement, it can bring tears to my own eyes. It clearly demonstrates what I am committed to and what I am about.

I believe that the clarity of vision is what is allowing us to spread across the globe.

Take the time to dig inside yourself and find out the real core reason for you being in business. It’s the clarity of your vision and the inspiration in your mission that determines the success and vitality of your business.


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