Finding Your Purpose

DR JOHN DEMARTINI   -   Updated 2 years ago

Dr Demartini explains why your purpose is inherent and clarifying what's highest on your values is the key to finding your most meaningful purpose. You’ll find the answers you’re seeking within.

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DR JOHN DEMARTINI - Updated 2 years ago

Your purpose is an expression and revolves around whatever you value most in life

Every human being lives by a set of priorities, a set of values, things that are most important to least important to them.

Whatever's highest on your particular set of values - the very highest value that's most important, most meaningful, most inspiring, and most fulfilling to you - your ontological identity revolves around that, and that is who you’ll say you are.

In other words, if your highest value is raising beautiful children, you'll call yourself a mother. If your highest value is running businesses, you may call yourself an entrepreneur. In my case, my highest value is teaching so I call myself a teacher.

Whatever is highest on your list of values, what is most important, most meaningful, most fulfilling, most inspiring, and the value that you are spontaneously inspired from within to fulfill, this is the path of your unique purpose.


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If you are unclear about what your purpose is, know that your purpose is waiting to be revealed through identifying your unique hierarchy of values.


Like thousands of other people I have worked with, taught, and consulted for over the years, you may be surprised to hear that  your life already  demonstrates your purpose and that’s through the pattern of your highest value(s).

You don't have to look anywhere else but your own life demonstration to determine what’s most important to you or what you value most.

As such, if you would love to  find your purpose, it is wise to determine what is most important to you, which you can do by taking the FREE Online Value Determination Process on my website.

The Demartini Value Determination Process has 13 questions that will help you look closely at:

  • How you fill your intimate and personal space most.
  • How you spend your time most.
  • What energizes you most.
  • What you spend your money on most.
  • Where you are most organized and ordered
  • Where you are most disciplined and reliable.
  • What you think about, visualize, and internally dialogue with yourself about how you would love your life to be – things that already show evidence of coming true.
  • What you would love to and frequently converse with other people about most in social settings.
  • What inspires you and what's common to the people who inspire you.
  • The consistent and persistent goals you have that you're relentlessly making come true.
  • What you can't wait to learn, read about and study most.

If you look closely and objectively, there's a pattern that will begin to emerge and something you can't miss.

What is highest on your hierarchy of values is the foundation of your most meaningful purpose.


Quit comparing yourself to others when seeking to discover or awaken your purpose


I often have people tell me that they have never managed to be able to find or define their purpose. In most cases, it’s because they are comparing themselves to other people.

I’ll often hear it in their language: “I should spend more time with my family”, “I ought to work out more”, “I must begin investing my money”, “I gotta start spending time making friends and extending my social circle” etc.

The instant you catch yourself using imperative language like - should, ought, must…. such as the above, you can almost guarantee that there's somebody outside of you that you've given power to and whose values you’re injecting into your own. In doing so, you’ve clouded the clarity of your own highest value(s) and purpose because you’re too busy trying to live someone else’s values and purpose.

You’re trying to live by extrinsic values instead of your own intrinsic highest values.

A wonderful example of this was a woman I met during my signature two-day program, The Breakthrough Experience. On day two, she remained completely adamant that she just couldn’t uncover her purpose in life.

So, I asked her, “What do you do every single day that you spontaneously do, that nobody has to remind you to do, that you love doing?”

She replied that she truly didn’t know.

I kept going. “Be accountable and quit comparing yourself to others for a moment. Just answer the question. What do you do every single day that nobody has to remind you to do that you love and that inspires you?”

She shrugged and said, “I spend time with my children. “

Now we were getting somewhere.

I asked her, “And do you fill your space with your children? Are your children around you? Do you spend a lot of time with your children most throughout the day?


Does it energize you when you interact with your children and watch them grow? Do you spend money mainly on your children? Is that the area you are most organized in, disciplined and reliable? Is that what you think about, visualize, and talk about most of the time? Is that what you converse with your friends about?


Is that what you study about, read about and learn about? Is raising your children your long-term goal?”


At this stage, she became quite tearful as she answered “yes” to each of my questions.

Then I asked, “So what do you mean that you don't know what your purpose in life is?”

She said, “Well, is that a good enough purpose? I mean, I think about other women around me – one of whom has three children and somehow runs her own business. Here I am with two children, and that’s all I do.”

“It just doesn’t seem like a good enough purpose to me compared to other people. Still, no matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to motivate myself to do anything else.”

So I said, “You are not intrinsically motivated to build a business yourself because it’s not really what is in your heart. You're sitting there and subordinating yourself to this admired lady you have placed on a pedestal and trying to imitate this lady. In doing so, you're trying to be somebody you're not. Rose Kennedy from the Kennedy family said that her mission statement was to dedicate her life to raising a family of world leaders because that was all she’d ever wanted to do.”

I went on to explain how it could be liberating for her to give herself permission to raise beautiful children because that was her most inspired mission. Her whole current life was pointing her in that direction.

Action Step:

Take the FREE Online Value Determination Process on my website and discover that your life already reveals your inspired purpose by what you value most.


How to increase the clarity of your vision and purpose.


My recommendation to overcome any fear that might be clouding the clarity of your purpose is to sit down at a table or desk at the end of each day before going to sleep with a notepad and pen in hand.

Think about everything you can be grateful for from that day and make a list of experiences you can truly be grateful for until you are so grateful a tear of inspired gratitude comes out of your eyes.

Then turn inward to your most authentic and powerful self – the innermost you that theologians call your soul – and ask:

  • “What message do you have for me today?”
  • “What action step am I to take to fulfill my life most?”
  • “What detail can you reveal about my life purpose, mission, or vision?”

If you don’t receive a message immediately, go back and think more deeply about what you’re truly grateful for and ask these questions again.

If you're truly grateful, a vision or message will be immediate, loud and clear. Your most intrinsic you already knows what is most important and meaningful.

When this voice and vision on the inside becomes louder and more profound than all opinions on the outside, you have begun to master your life.

Do these actions for at least thirty days until you no longer have to ask the question about what your mission or purpose is. You'll then know with certainty what your inspired purpose is. You will discover that it will be a reflection of what your value most.


Read and refine


You can then add to this insight by thinking about what you know you would love to do and writing it down.

As I often say in many of my presentations, when finding your purpose, start with what you know with certainty and let what you know grow. Once you have written a first draft or outline of your purpose, read it, refine it, read it, refine it, and keep reading it and refining it until your purpose becomes crystal clear – until you know and have a tear of inspired gratitude reading it.


Discover the hero inside you


Another way to expand your clarity of purpose is to:

  • Review all the  heroes you've had in your life and look for what is common to them – what’s the pattern there?
  • Review all the  jobs or careers you have had and look for what is common - what’s the pattern there?
  • Look at the moments  when you're most inspired and engaged, and you lose track of time; what's the common denominator?
  • Look at where you perceive that you have  made the biggest difference in people's lives – what pattern emerges there?

When you’re engaged in doing what's highest on your set of values, you have a high probability of wanting to be in fair exchange with people, and to help solve their problems.

You’re also most likely to love tackling challenges - not just your own but others too for the sake of being of service.

When you go out and do actions of service that solve other people's problems and do it in a way that is perceived to be in sustainable fair exchange and become remuneration for it, now you get to do what you love and love what you do and get paid for it. This is the path of a mastered life, and I'm absolutely certain you can do it. Then your vocation feels like your vacation.

I've been blessed to help people all over the world do what they really love doing while also getting handsomely paid to do it. I am certain that you can do something that's truly meaningful and purposeful in your life and become fairly compensated.

You intuitively extract the most meaning from your life when you live congruently with your highest values, prioritize your life accordingly, and delegate lower priority things.

It is when you live congruently with your highest values that you are the most resilient, adaptable, objective, engaged, inspired, and vitalized.

You literally wake up your genius, expand your space and time horizons, and spontaneously yearn to go out and do something extraordinary with your life.


In Conclusion


Like many people, you may have accepted a mediocre life and a quiet life of desperation because you haven't given yourself permission to find something deeply meaningful and purposeful.

In my signature seminar program the Breakthrough Experience, I help people break through the facades of who they think they are “supposed to” be and get on with being who they truly are.

Your mission and purpose is unique to you. It's not something that somebody else is doing. It is what you were born to do

The true you has a profound and meaningful purpose to offer the world. The true you does not play small. The true you is brilliant beyond compare. The true you knows within your heart what your most meaningful purpose is.

As Viktor Frankl said, whatever your purpose is, that's the most meaningful, most inspiring and most fulfilling thing you can do. It helps you live meaningfully and helps you be grateful for your life – where life is more on the way than in the way.

When you live with clarity of purpose, you tend to have more gratitude, more appreciation, more expansion of awareness and potential, and end up making a greater difference and exemplifying what's possible to other people.

And if you haven’t yet done the FREE confidential online Demartini Value Determination Process on my website, I would encourage you to do that NOW.


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