How Your Perceptions Affect Your Health

DR JOHN DEMARTINI   -   Updated 2 years ago

Dr. Demartini explains the correlation between your physiology and your psychology, and how your perceptions affect your health.

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DR JOHN DEMARTINI - Updated 2 years ago

Your perceptions have a direct effect on your physiology and health, which can then be a powerful feedback mechanism to let you know what you're perceiving. Or to put it another way, you can look at your physiology and get an indication of what is going on in your psychology.

For example, if you perceive more support than challenge in your environment or life, your oestrogen levels are likely to go up and your testosterone down. The opposite also applies - if you see more challenge than support in your environment or life, your testosterone can go up and your oestrogen can go down, thereby affecting your health, physiology and fat and protein levels.

If you perceive yourself to be overly challenged throughout your life, your growth hormone can go up. If you feel that you're overly supported, your growth hormone could go down, which can then affect your height. If you prefer to watch the video on How Your Perceptions Affect Your Health, click below. ↓



If you're in what you perceive to be a challenging situation, you may get defensive and become more narcissistic. Your blood sugar may then go up and you could potentially initiate a tendency towards health problems such as diabetes. Overall, diabetic people tend to be more self-righteous and narcissistic, and often prefer to do things their way. They are likely to prefer telling others what to do, as opposed to being told what to do.

Hypoglycaemic individuals, on the other hand, have often been over-supported and are more likely to do anything you tell them to do. In other words, they have different personalities and different health problems because of the way they perceive life.

If they perceive more challenge and they're bitter, they tend to lean more towards the diabetic side; and if they perceive there to be more support and have a “sweeter” disposition, they tend to lean more towards the hypoglycemic side. It's a physiological response to the perceptions that they have in their life.

The same thing can be seen with health problems such as thyroid function. The thyroid gland originates from the thyroglossal duct and is basically associated with the tongue. If you've suddenly been challenged and are angry and speak out, your thyroid levels are likely to go up. If you repress and keep everything inside, your thyroid levels tend to drop.

It’s for this reason that you'll often see people with health problems such as hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid) who tend to be very listless, don’t speak as much and often gain weight; whereas someone with hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) are usually outgoing, say what they want to say, tend not to worry about what people think, and are more extroverted.

The same thing happens with other hormones in your body. If you perceive that you have more challenge in your life, your testosterone levels tend to go up, and the number of red blood cells in your body tends to increase. If you perceive that you have more support, your oestrogen is likely to go up and you may end up with more white blood cells.

There’s a physiological change – your body tends to get tougher and defensive when you see a challenge, and your hormones lean towards the more masculine side. Your body may lean towards the more feminine side and become more relaxed when you feel more supported.

How then do we bring our psychology back into balance in order to create wellness?

I have studied health and Applied Physiology for many years and have written a textbook on what the psychology is doing in physiology and how “illnesses” are feedback mechanisms to let us know how and what we're perceiving. If we perceive a balance of support and challenge in our mind, our body tends to move into wellness. If we have an imbalance and see more support than challenge or more challenge than support in our environment, may move towards an autonomically polarized health condition.

So, illness is a feedback mechanism to guide us back to a wellness balance. However, illness can so often be misinterpreted in the world which calls wellness ‘symptom free’ where we are quick to take a “pill for every ill”.

Let me give you an example. Let's say you overeat one night when you’re out with friends, you are likely to wake up the next morning feeling unhealthy with a puffy face, bloated stomachs, cramps, pain, nausea and fatigue. These symptoms are a physiological response to overeating and are actually healthy responses to let you know that you have overindulged. However, if you mask those symptoms with antacids and antihistamines, you will no longer have that valuable feedback. In other words, you're shutting down the very thing that's needed for your wellness and health and are not likely to learn the lessons that the body's trying to teach you.

The symptoms of your body are a feedback mechanism to guide you towards a wise life where you can see life from a balanced perspective. The second you do; you are likely to have maximized wellness potential and good health. So, your physiology is a reflection of your psychology, and your psychology intelligently affects your physiology. Your body has a mechanism to guide you back to living wisely, more moderately and congruently. When you live in alignment with your true highest values, you tend to have the most balanced orientation in life. When you attempt to live in accordance with your lower values, you tend to have the most imbalanced orientation life. So, your symptoms are trying to get you to live authentically according to what you value most so you can have the most fulfilling life.

Your physiology and health is your friend. Your symptoms are feedback and your body way of guiding you to live an inspired healthy life.


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