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Why do we experience stress?

What are the 5, main reasons we experience stress?
1. We do not clearly define what is truly most important to us - our highest priority or priorities and focus our attention on what is most meaningful and productive in our lives and we end up having to put out fires all day doing lower priority tasks and other people's agendas.
2. We set unrealistic expectation on ourselves and others by expecting ourselves or others to do actions that are not truly most important or highest in priority and thereby feel we betray ourselves or feel betrayed by others.
3. We don't reflect on what we do each day and ask what is truly working and not working and refine our actions and skills so as to master our lives" we let animal habits make us victims of our histories and not masters of our destinies. 
4. We don't eat to live, we live to eat. We don't spend  to live, we live to spend. We don't socialize to live, we live to socialize.
5. We don't give ourselves permission to say no to other people's unrealistic expectations and low priority distractions" we don't take advantage of time and life managements systems.
What are a few unlikely reasons we might not have considered?
1. We don't structure our days and fill them with inspiring actions that serve ourselves and others.
2. We don't save and invest our money and have it working for us instead of us working for it.
3. We don't take the time to master the art of communicating what is important to us in terms of what is important to those we care about. 
4. We don't document all the many events ad actions we can be grateful for each day. When you are grateful for what you have you receive more to be grateful for. 
5. We don't stop for a few moment each day and enter into a state of mindfulness and presence where we feel centered and think wisely and clearly. 
What are the common symptoms of anxiety and what's the first step for treatment?
Anxiety is a form of fear, where we assume that we are about to experience through our senses or imagination in the future - more pains than pleasures, more losses than gains, more negatives than positives, and more challenges than supports. But again such imbalances don't truly exist except in the minds of those unwilling to see both sides of life synchronously. All events have two sides and are ultimately balanced and serve. After a so-called terrible event - in a day, a week, a month, a year, or five years - we eventually discover that the very so-called terrible event was actually also a gift with terrific benefits and outcomes. So instead of having the wisdom of the aging with the aging process, why not look for the balance immediately and have the wisdom of the ages without the aging process. The quality of your life is based upon the quality of the questions you ask. Nothing is in the way, only on the way. Instead of being a victim of your history become a master of your destiny.  

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