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The Secret Revealed


Q: What is The Secret?


Dr Demartini: The Secret is that “You bring about what you think about”, that is the law of attraction and that is the power we have to design our destiny. Whatever you concentrate your thoughts and feelings upon grows into your living reality. Your inner most dominant thoughts become our outermost tangible reality. Until you plant flowers into the garden of your mind you will forever pull weeds.

Q: How can you apply The Secret once it has been revealed to you?


Dr Demartini: You attract into your life those things that are related to what you send out in the form of your thoughts. Your innermost dominant thought becomes your outermost tangible reality. Applying The Secret starts with examining your thinking process. Start to decide what it is you would love to think about and as a result attract it into your life. Become silent and present for a moment and deeply concentrating on what you would truly love to be, do and have in this world and what inspired services and rewards you would love to offer and be offered.

Q: Why isn’t The Secret being utilised by everybody?


Dr Demartini: The Secret actually is being utilized on an unconscious level by everyone. The key is taking command of your life and utilizing it consciously. Many of us are conditioned to believe that our lives are determined by outside forces beyond our control. Due to this most people do not even question their ability to consciously design their destiny or the existence of The Secret or in fact any secret at all. They do as they are told and think the thoughts they are fed from other assumed authorities and / or the media. Once they have been exposed to the idea however, it resonates with something inside them and their lives are potentially changed forever.

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