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The Perfect Father

People, books and media from around the world promote ideals about what to be, do and say to be a good father. Many fathers in todays modern world compare themselves to these countless ideals of being the best father they could be and may be feeling guilty for things that they have or have not done in their family and for their children. Whether it is not spending enough time with your children or feeling that you are disciplining them too much or too little, or being overprotective of their lives, placing these unrealistic expectations on yourself can result in you experiencing stress and leave you feeling emotional and guilty. 
In actuality, every event is a two-sided event. Positive and negative, support and challenge, nice and mean, and kind and cruel, come in pairs throughout our life. This means that every action that we take or do not take also has two-sides to it. In truth, every event is an event of love. When you ask the question of how what you think is out of order in fact assists your children to become who they would love to be, you will realise that no matter what you do you are assisting their growth and development.

If you perceive that you are neglecting your children while you spend long hours in the office, then see how your working assists them to learn independence and grows their maturity and self-esteem.
See how your discipline no matter how tough or lenient is teaching your children to become flexible in how they behave and adapt to the environment and situations that they are presented with in their life. We each need a balance of support and challenge to assist us to maximally grow.
Dr John Demartini, human behavioural specialist, educator, internationally-published author and sought-after authority on maximising human awareness and potential, will show you how stopping to see both sides of every action that you take or have taken in the past takes the pressure off you to be The Perfect Father.
See how no matter what you do you cannot make a mistake. When you stop to look at the truth of your every action, you will see that the things which you thought were out of order in fact serve your children.
This Fathers Day, celebrate being a father and take the time to be grateful for every contribution that you have made to the lives of your children in assisting them to become independent and empowered in life. You already are The Perfect Father.

Dr. John Demartini is a human behaviour specialist, educator, author and the founder of the Demartini Institute.
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