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Seven Laws of Networking

We live in a business world partly dependent upon the wonderful marketing tool of networking. Networking changes businesses and lives. To maximize your marketing efforts it is wise to become a masterful networker. The virtues of networking are enormous. Many people seldom if ever network effectively. They don’t engage the process and mechanics of networking. They may talk it. But few truly walk it. Why? Who knows? Maybe lack of awareness, understanding or know how. So lets focus on getting your net-working, and creating more business leads than you could ever follow up on, by simply mastering the art of networking.


Law #1: Be Where People Are.

Where are people going to be? Business functions? Social functions? Chamber functions? Civic events?  Charity events?


Since hermits often fail in business, get out amongst the crowds, and start engaging conversations. Few people will be coming to your house begging to get into your business. Maximize your exposure and make sure you have plenty of “face time” with people and do it often. Be where people are. That is where the golden paychecks are in business.


Law #2: Expect New Contacts

Expect to create and start new friendships and relationships. If you go out to a place where people are that you do not know, expect to make new friends, and your focus will create that to happen. Expectancy is like a magnet. It

draws people to you, and they are compelled to become a part of your conversation. Expectancy creates a dynamic of power in you that people can feel, and when you are networking, you must have that power on!!!


What you expect to happen at networking functions usually does. Expect to meet at least 5 new people at a function and expect to create great relationships out of the mix. Expect people to be attracted to you. Expect people to be curious. Expect people to want to become a client. Expect people to want to do business with you. Don't be surprised when they are and do.


Law #3: Plant First… Harvest Later


Every networking session is a planting session, which you are planting seeds of future business and contacts. You will harvest later. But first you must plant. You will harvest what you plant. Seed relationships first, especially brand new ones. Send them an article about their business when you follow up. Send them a training you run across about their profession. Send them an article on a hobby or interest they have. Send them a book that you find about their hobby, that would be interesting to them. Plant the seeds of relationship first. Then harvest the Fruits of results later. As you sow, so shall ye reap - especially in networking.


Law #4: Host – Introduce Others to Others


Develop a host mentality. Do not wait to be introduced. Introduce yourself and take the initiative to introduce others to each other. Hosting shows strong leadership skills and many people find that magnetic. Put your hand out first to shake another. Shake firm, not wimpy. Shake full hand, not finger hand. Work the room. Don’t stay in one place. Have a goal of meeting at least seven people and engaging a conversation with them.


Since others move around keep good eye contact. This lets people know you have a magnetic self-worth. Take charge of your space. Make sure anyone around you is included in your conversation with others. Don’t be Shy. If you were hosting a party what would you do? Go do it.


Law #5: Discover What Interests Others


From the very start discover what interests people; where they work; how they feel about their work; the family tree; their hobbies; their education; their favorite sport; their favorite TV show; their favorite music…. Connect with people. Discovery is the second phase of the conversation process. Find something you can connect with and have in common. Discover what lights up their life. This helps you plug into their electricity. Refrain from talking about yourself too much, and losing the interest of the new person in front of you. Keep the conversation focused on them. Your turn will come.


Law #6: Re-Connect


Take the initiative to reconnect and follow up with your people contacts. Whoever re-connects first, becomes the power source of that relationship. Send them a thank you note or a nice to meet you note. Call them. Mail them. Email them. Drop by. Invite them to lunch. Do whatever it takes to reconnect first. Reconnect and you will reconfirm your harvest.


Law #7: Offer Value


Bring value to any potential relationship or it will be short-lived business wise. Bring personal, professional or leadership value to a networking contact. Bring a future value to them. This is the key in establishing relationship. Help them get what they want and they will help you get what you want. If people perceive value first in you - by you taking an interest in them - they will perceive value in what you do on an increasing basis. Give value first, everything else second.


By following the Seven Laws of Networking you can create an environment of successful networking. These laws will help you achieve your goals for the number of business contacts you want per function. Just plug into people’s electricity and interests and you will increase the voltage, till your many new business relationships begin to ignite!

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