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Loving Your Life Through The Ups and Downs

By Dr. John Demartini


It's easy to be grateful when life is giving you roses. The task becomes more complicated when you're feeling the sting of the thorns. But we must be grateful for everything in our lives - the good and the bad, the black and the white, the happy and the sad - in order to deal with everyday challenges in a way that brings fulfillment and inner peace. How can we do this?


Taking stock

Take a look back into your own life - did you have a relationship that you felt ‘broke your heart' yet may have cleared the way for a beautiful new one much more in line with who you are? Or maybe your lack of athleticism as a child fuelled you to excel at your studies so that you could shine academically? Maybe you were teased a lot for your clothes and are now a successful fashion consultant fully inspired to help others prevent similar situations? What may have seemed to be a crisis or pain at the time in retrospect proved to be a great gift.


Increase your vitality

All of us have experienced challenges or ‘bad' things in our lives. As we get older, this can considerably burden us with fear, decrease our vitality and create diseases. The cumulative effect impedes our ability to appreciate life. We are wise to transform our crises into blessings; and challenges into opportunities. Each time you take the opportunity to be grateful for who you are, what you do and what you have in your life you increase your energy. Instead of being weighed down by life's events, you are lifted up.


Creating abundance

Gratitude brings us into our hearts and decreases the distracting ‘brain noise' we create from continually rehashing old scenarios in our mind and reliving the anger or pain. You've undoubtedly heard the saying, "what we think about we bring about," which is the principle connected to the laws of attraction described in the movie The Secret. When we are grateful, our thoughts automatically make us feel more abundant, more fulfilled and more lovable. This, in turn, will attract more of the same in our lives.



The Gratitude Effect

Use Dr. Demartini's book, The Gratitude Effect, to open your heart, inspire your mind and awaken your inner powers and hidden seeds of greatness. This book will allow you to break through any limiting beliefs and will guide you to a more empowered life filled with deeper meaning and awareness. For more information or to order, visit our online store.

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