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Feeling Blue This Holiday Season?


While many people feel uplifted by the approaching festive season, not all of us experience the joys of the holidays in the same way.  Apathy, depression and even suicidal thoughts dominate the minds of some. Dr. John Demartini attributes many of these feelings to people building up unrealistic  expectations during this time.


‘‘Anger, blame criticism - these emotions all arise from unrealistic perceptions. Suicide is another by-product of unrealistic expectations that are unmet. Particularly around Christmas time, many people are putting pressure upon themselves to have the best holiday they have ever had, or to give the best gifts. Then, if these expectations aren't met, they are left with an extreme perception of loss. This year is especially challenging financially because a lot of people might have made promises to friends and family 6 months ago that they now cannot keep."


How can I keep from falling into emotional turmoil this holiday season?

"Start to prioritize your commitments and make sure that you only commit yourself to things that are very important to you. Also, be realistic about your financial status. Sometimes a letter of thanks can be much more satisfying that giving a gift without meaning."


How can I have a wonderful Christmas without breaking the bank?

"If you cannot afford to fly somewhere to catch up with a relative, why not get the whole family together over Skype? Get creative and look for other options which will bring family close in meaningful ways."



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