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Dealing with a Tyrant Boss

What can you do if your boss is a tyrant but you need to keep your job?

6 things an employee can do to resolve this situation and still keep their job.

by Dr John Demartini

1. Identify the key priorities/objectives that the boss is aiming at fulfilling/accomplishing and attempt to help him or her fulfill them.


When you help them fulfill their highest values and objectives they are more likely to open up and be receptive to our presence and actions and respond more respectfully.


2. Attempt to put yourself in your boss's shoes to comprehend the pressures and expectations sitting on his or her shoulders.


This helps you understand their urgencies and possible frustrations and deadlines they may be under and relaxes your expectations on them to be only nice and not mean.


3. Ask your boss what and how you might be able to serve them over and above the normal line of duties or responsibilities.


Making yourself more indispensible makes them appreciate and require your help which adds to their appreciation of you and softens their approach.


4. When your boss is abrupt or critical - look for the opposite where someone is patient and supportive at that moment to neutralize the emotional reaction.


There is a balancing act going on around you - By seeing the balance neither will run you. The opposite may be coming from your friends, family members or colleagues.    


5. Empower your life in as many areas as possible so you are not dependent upon any job and so you have freedom of choice.


Any area of your life you do not empower, someone else will over power. By expanding your education, business and financial savvy, communication skills, time management and overall self-image and worth, you decrease the probability of attracting others to 'bully' you.


6. Simply ask yourself how their behavior could serve you in the long run and how you may be able to grow from the experience.


It is not what happens to you that is what matters. It is how you perceive and act. It is wiser to be a master of your destiny than a victim of your history.



By empowering all areas of your life you have less of a probability of someone overpowering you. Learn to balance all areas of life and become purposeful in your work environment by watching Bring Balance to Life & Pupose to Work, a 2 DVD set. Learn more about this product and purchase your copy today.

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