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Are You A Leader?












Are you a leader? Run through these interesting facts about leaders from Dr Demartini and see:

Leaders are inspired by something they want to share with the world that is unique. It is in the area of their highest value.  They envision its success, they act upon it and they inspire others to participate in its creation.

Leaders understand they will be equally praised and criticized. The amount of both praise and reprimand they can endure will determine the level of leadership they will attain.

Leaders love to continuously raise the bar.

Leaders know they must seek inspiring challenges to grow.  So when they don’t see an immediate problem to work on, they are wise enough to look for one so they can grow.

Leaders’ directions are trusted by their followers.

Leaders are able to adapt to stress.

Leaders don’t fear losses, but turn their so-called losses into their advantages.

Leaders embrace paradoxes, they see both sides equally and constantly balance their perceptions.  They do not see things as black or white, they understand the synthesis of both sides.

Leaders understand that temporary motivation is not the long-term solution and that the level of inspiration is the thermometer of a company’s health.

Leaders know they have to value money to make a profit. That means saving a portion of the money that is made instead of spending it all on ever increasing expenses.

Leaders understand that employees are not loyal to their company; they are only loyal to their own individual values and getting their values met.

Leaders know they will never grow beyond their vision.  So if they want to have a national company – they will need to have an international vision.

Leaders know that if they either infatuate with or resentment their employees, the employees will run them - instead of them running their employees.

Leaders have the ability to balance and master their emotions because they know that emotions are nothing more than lopsided perceptions.

Leaders know that whoever has the most certainty rules the game.

Every individual has leadership qualities inside them, but the challenge is to discover in which areas they reside. Here’s a tip for moving into a leadership position.  Look at all seven areas of life: Mental, physical, spiritual, family, vocation, finance and social. Find the most powerful people existing in each of these areas. Now, study their biographies. Make a note of the traits you most admire in them. Then find areas in your own life where you own those same traits. It is one of the most powerful exercises you can do. Nothing is ultimately missing in you.

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