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Activate the Entrepreneur

There is entrepreneurial spirit in each and every one of us. The difference between those who take action on creating their dreams and those who don’t is one of two things. One is buying into one of the fears in the 7 areas of life and the other is not being clear on what it is that you would love to do.

Dr John Demartini shares how to break through the fears and how to become clear on what it is that is most inspiring to you so that you can start asking how to make money out of doing what you love so you get to love what you do.

 The 7 fears are as follows:

  1. The fear of breaking away from accepted establishment norms, breaking established ethics and doing something you don’t believe will be acceptable to authority figures such as the church or government.  With this fear you are subordinating or minimising yourself to someone else.
  2. The fear that you are not intelligent enough, that you are not creative or imaginative enough or that you don’t have a degree or the right credentials.  This fear can stop us from seeing our real capacity and make us shrink away from taking action to grow our inspiring ideas.
  3. The fear of failure.  The fear that we are not going to succeed at our endeavours can sometimes be so overpowering that we lie to ourselves about our dreams and say to ourselves 'it is not really important'.
  4. The fear of loss of money or not making enough money.  This fear can make stay in a job that does not inspire us.
  5. The fear of losing the respect of friends and family.  People worry that family members may disapprove, that loved ones may leave and that their friends will reject them if they are not doing what these people see as 'the right thing'.  
  6. The fear of social rejection.  The fear of what others will think, that people won’t like you, that you won’t fit in.  Believing that someone else’s opinion is more important than yours can stop you from doing something that is really amazing.   
  7. The fear of not being physically capable.  The fear of not having enough energy, not being strong enough or having the right look to do your vision.  

Dr Demartini teaches that to dissolve these fears we can write down 100 benefits of the thing that we fear occurring until we see that we get as many benefits as perceived drawbacks if the event occurs. A fear, he describes as a perception that we will have an event with a one sided ‘negative’ reaction, so when we balance our perceptions and we see that we get both challenge and support no matter the event, we dissolve the grip that fear has on our actions forward.

Dr John Demartini developed the Demartini Value Determination™ Process which is a series of questions that assist you to become crystal clear on what your most important areas of life are. When you know what they are you are able to then ask how you can make money out of doing what you most enjoy which leads you to living a life that inspires  you.

When you know what direction to take and you don’t have fear holding you back, you begin taking focused action steps towards your dreams. Perseverance to an outcome over time adds up to success. It is that simple to be an entrepreneur.

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