Coronavirus Update: Panic or Poise

Dr John Demartini shares his coronavirus update with some Actions to consider during the coronavirus period.

Your immune system is strongest when you’re living by your highest values because you’re in a state of eustress, not distress. Instead of reacting and going into your amygdala, which tends to put stress on your system and runs your immune system down, stop and find out how whatever you perceive is serving you. Because no matter the crisis, there’s an equal blessing.

My advice during the coronavirus pandemic is to focus on the highest priority actions you can do each day. That way you’ll be at your most resilient and adaptable. Just know that this will pass. All these things come and go. All pandemics, epidemics, they rise, they fall.

And so the wisest thing you can do is to keep yourself eating well, thinking well, prioritizing your life, read things that are inspirational and try avoiding too much negative coronavirus news, focus on the solution, not the coronavirus problem.
Dwelling on the problem and dramatizing it, discussing it and getting emotional about it is only going to run your immune system down and it’s going to make you more vulnerable anyway.

Your physiology, your psychology, your sociology, and your theology, in this case, sociology is the society itself and even your virology, all of it is there to help you become authentic. If you live by priority, the authenticity reveals and the sides outside extrinsically subside. If you prefer to watch the video on the Coronavirus Update, click below. ↓

The world on the outside doesn’t have to dictate your destiny. As I said in the secret when the voice and the vision on the inside is louder than all opinions on the outside you’ve begun to master your life.
So take command of your life. Prioritize your actions, live in your executive centre and your immune system will rally. It will keep you stable during coronavirus.

Make sure you drink a lot of water, eat wisely, get some sunlight because that gives you vitamins and helps your immune system and most importantly, live by priority. That way you’ll be doing what you love and loving what you do as well as boosting your immunity at this time.

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