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Winter Time Blues



Winter Time Blues
By Dr. John Demartini

Although there are many factors underlying winter time blues (depression), such as biology or brain chemistry, genetics, gender, age, health conditions, trauma and grief, stressful changes or events, quantity of sunlight and medications or substances, a few additional factors that you have the most control over are your perceptions and expectations. Are you being realistic and grounded each day? Are you actually doing what is most meaningful and important?

Your seasonal depression can also be due to the perceptions and comparisons you make between your current daily reality and an unrealistic expectation, delusion or fantasy you may be holding on or addicted to.
It is wise to set realistic expectations on yourself and others and to master the art of perceiving events and actions as on the way, not in the way, instructive not obstructive.

1. Prioritize your daily actions: Decide what is truly most important and meaningful to do each day - the ABCs. If you don't fill your day with high priority actions that inspire you, your day will fill up with low priority distractions to drain and depress you.
2. Set meaningful and valuable, yet realistic expectations on yourself each day - nothing more.
3. Document and be grateful for what you do accomplish.
4. Set realistic expectations on others each day.
5. Document and be grateful for what others have accomplished on your behalf.
6. List whatever events or opportunities you are grateful for each day.
7. Send a thank you to those who have contributed to your life today.
8. Eat moderately to live, not live to eat.
9. Get adequate rest
10. Dress your best.
11. Smile - It changes your brain chemistry.

These daily actions help you become a master of your destiny more than a victim of your history - inspired more than depressed.

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