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What's Stopping Me From Accomplishing My Goals and Dreams?

By Dr John Demartini


Fear arises when you assume that in the future you are going to experience more negatives than positives, or more challenges than supports, from yourself or others regarding something you are contemplating.


There are seven primary fears that immobilize people:

  • The first one is the fear of breaking the moral and ethics of some spiritual authority...The subordination to perceived spiritual authorities and the fear of breaking the rights and wrongs, or morals and ethics of that (perceived authority) stops people.
  • The second is the fear of not being smart enough, not having a degree, not having the intelligence and not being imaginative enough.
  • Third is the fear that you're going to fail at it. I don't want to start because I know I'm going to be a failure.
  • Forth is the idea that I won't make money at it, it costs too much money or I'll lose money doing it.
  • Fifth is the fear of losing loved ones' respect.
  • Sixth is the fear of somehow being rejected by the general audience, people in society. Are you crazy, what are you doing, this is stupid, and this is ridiculous.
  • Last is the fear of ill health, death or disease - you don't have the body to do it, the looks, the height or strength to do it, the energy, and the vitality.
  • These seven fears make people lie to themselves about what they really want. They make people immobilize themselves.

Your ideas and thoughts can be expressed either ‘powerfully', or powerlessly. Any area of your life you don't empower someone else will overpower. The hierarchy of your values determines where you will be in power and overpowered. Order and power occurs with your higher values and chaos and powerlessness occurs with your lower values.


There are no victims. You innately have an evolutionary will to power that is limitless. Become empowered where you are disempowered and dissolve the fear that is stopping you from creating the life of your dreams.



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