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Weight Loss and Exercise


Weight Loss and Exercise
Questions Answered by Dr. John Demartini

Question: According to Time Magazine (,8599,1914857,00.html) and The Observer (, exercise regimens are less effective than dietary change in achieving weight loss. Do you agree/disagree?

Dr. Demartini: I would agree. In some cases exercise regimes can also stimulate more eating to compensate for the extra energy expended and be sometimes self-defeating. Moderate exercise and moderate eating works as a wise team though.

Question: What are the benefits of regular exercise, bar weight loss?

Dr. Demartini: Mental clarity and alertness, muscle tone and flexibility, agility, increased circulation, elevated attitude, more energy, more confidence, more attractive, more sex appeal...

Question: People are often hungry or want to reward themselves after exercise. Can exercise be keeping people from losing weight?

Dr. Demartini: Excessive exercise over the real capacity (being out of shape) can trigger low blood sugar reactions that can initiate compensatory eating binges, which can then cause guilt and then more excessive exercise activities and then the cycle repeats itself until it becomes a vicious cycle or yo yo syndrome.

Question: Does vigorous exercise have more benefits than moderately strenuous exercise (e.g. golf, walking)?

Dr. Demartini: I recommend moderate exercise regimes more than over vigorous excesses because it results in less injuries, less compensations and less volatilities of physiology, which can initiate secondary health problems.

Question: Are there common misconceptions surrounding exercise? Do people underestimate the amount of exercise you have to do to work off calories?

Dr. Demartini: Yes! Walking, walking up incline planes, swimming, dancing, yoga and love making are more universal, more moderate and less injurious exercises that I recommend. They are less likely to initiate volatilities and injuries and they are more likely to keep the calories moderated. Extreme exercises initiate secondary complications and are often irregularly done.  It is wiser to push back from the table when eating before you are full and initiate a new habit of eating moderately. Eat to live not live to eat.  

Question: Why ought we to have a combination of exercise and healthy eating?

Dr. Demartini: If you don't use it you'll lose it, but don't abuse it, by going to extremes. Moderation has stood the test of time in both exercise and dietary eating. Eating just what you need to maintain an ideal weight and nothing more or less. Stretching and doing the six moderate universal exercises have through time shown to pay off great dividends. Volatilities and extremes initiate their polar opposites. All extremes regress to a mean by nature to maximize life. It is wise to have the wisdom of the ages more than the aging process.



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