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Inspired teachers - Give Rise to inspired students

Inspired teachers give rise to inspired students and teaching students in a way that aligns with their highest values (their highest priorities) is one of the most valuable ways to increase and maintain high concentration and participation levels. 
Whatever we perceive to be most missing in our lives - our highest voids - will determine whatever will be most important to our lives - our highest values. This highest void and value makes up the cornerstones of our behaviour and when we, as teachers, understand how to determine the highest values of our students and share the curriculum we desire to teach with them in a way that is linked to their individual highest values, we will begin to master the essence of inspired teaching.

Let me explain. We all have a hierarchy of values or a list of priorities they we live our lives by. This list has indirect correlations with our inner morals or outer ethics, but a direct correlation with every decision we make.  Our hierarchy of values describes what is most valuable or important to us scaling down to what is least valuable or important.  These values are usually derived from what we perceive to be most missing from our lives, what we wish to fulfill most or, in other words, our voids. For example, if we perceive we are missing a relationship we seek a relationship, if we perceive our health is lacking we seek health.

Our list of values are unique and we tend to filter our reality through them. We have selected attention and biases towards that which we value most. For example: If a womanTMs highest value is her children and she walks through a shopping mall, she will see things mostly relating to children; like childrenTMs clothes, toys etc. 

In the area of our highest values we have what I call oeattention surplus order,” which in this case, involves this womanTMs children. However, she may have what some might label oeattention deficit disorder” in the areas of business and finance if those are way lower on her list of values.  In which case, computer and business stores may go unnoticed.  

Every decision we make is based on what we think will give us the greatest advantage over disadvantage, the greatest reward over risk to fulfill our highest values or priorities. Thus everyoneTMs decisions and actions are based on their hierarchy of values, particularly their highest values. 

There is a genius inside every one of us and whatever is highest on our values is where we awaken our genius. Our greatest potential sits there. 

It is vitally important for teachers to master this concept if they wish to communicate in a studentTMs highest values as this is the key to keeping them engaged, inspired, disciplined and focused. 

To demonstrate this, I would like to relate a story about one of the finest teachers I have ever met.  Her name is Marilyn Wilhelm.  She is the author of the book Education: The Healing Art.

Many years ago I was invited to speak at the acclaimed Wilhelm Scholê International in Texas by Marilyn herself. The class was a group of 8 and 9 year olds. In the back of the classroom was a one-way, mirrored window. Behind it were teachers from many countries observing MarilynTMs teaching methods. As I was about to speak, an 8 year old Japanese boy put his hand up and asked: Dr Demartini, I have a question. I would like to know the modus operandi of how enkephalons and endorphins work in the cerebral hemispheres of the brain?  It so happened that I had done a dissertation on that topic.  However, I was so blown away by an 8 year old asking me that question, I turned to Marilyn and said it would be wiser for me to observe her teaching the class than to speak. I watched her get up, address the class and work her magic.  This is what she did. She cared enough about each child to consciously memorise each of their highest values and what was most important to them so she could tap into what they were most inspired to learn. 
Marilyn does not see children as children; she sees them as little geniuses. She honours them by masterfully teaching the curriculum in their own language and value systems instead of projecting onto them what they ~shouldTM learn. 

Marilyn knew that one of the boys loved automobiles, another loved music, another loved history and another was interested in sports. Whatever it was, she utilised each of their highest values to teach them and draw out their genius. 

She would wave her stick like a magic wand and point it towards her students and ask: ~Henry tell us what was going on with the automobile in 1905TM. And out came his genius according to his highest values. Every child had the desire and inspiration to listen, knowing they were next to answer a question that would boast their excellence. To the next student she asked: What was going on in music world at that same time? All the answers from her students involved cross-topical information on that period in history giving the class a broader knowledge.

By the time these children were 13 they knew up to nine languages, religions of the world, sciences, arts and philosophies. Some went on to become Professors at Universities at very young ages. 

Her methods were once challenged by an educational system in New York. They stated it is easy to advance children from privileged backgrounds, but what if the kids came from Harlem? So she took 25 kids from Harlem and used the exact same method of teaching to show that deep inside every human being there is a genius waiting to surface according to the hierarchy of their values and that it has little to do with economic backgrounds. She transformed these young childrenTMs lives in months. She tapped into their potential and brought their desires, dreams and aspirations to the surface.

If teachers do not take the time to communicate in their studentTMs highest values, they may end up unconsciously projecting their highest values onto the student. This will create classes of alternating monologues instead of a dialogues.  However, if teachers are inspired by the curriculum they are responsible to teach and are caring enough to communicate it in each studentTMs highest values, it becomes inspiring for the teacher to teach and the students to learn.    

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