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How to get the promotion you want

How to get the promotion you want

Dr. John Demartini discusses how women can get the job they want in a male-dominated business society

Any area of our life that we don’t empower, somebody else will overpower us. So the only way for society to change this set of circumstances concerning gender dominance is if there is more advantage than disadvantage to changing it.

Right now collective society, especially in less economically developed counties, doesn’t perceive there to be enough advantages to make such a more balanced gender change. So, one way to make the change is if women stand up, speak out and empower themselves though advanced education in business and economics.

The first thing that a career woman can do when asking for a promotion is to identify the responsibilities she was hired to do. Show her track record, how she has done everything expected of her and more, and include all of her achievements along the way. Then she can illustrate what she has learned since she was hired and how her skill set has improved. She can then document the additional responsibilities and accountabilities she has taken on. Make sure that she has the education and the skills and whatever it takes to take on the responsibility of the more senior position. To do that, she will have to continuously ask for more accountability attempt to become more indispensable.

It would also be wise for her to write down the multiple advantages to the organisation (at least 30) of giving her a more senior position and the disadvantages if she was overlooked for that position. All these things are going to increase the probability of her being given the job.

It is also wise for her to know who the decision maker is and what their values are. She could make a political move by finding out who they are and communicate with them so that she has that in her favour. If she is alienated and she doesn’t have any connection with the decision makers, she’ll probably have to work harder because she hasn’t used her full social power.

She could also get support from her colleagues, so that she can say, “45 people here agree that she is the person for the position” – there’s power in numbers. She is wise to show that she is a leader, and that she has followers who want her to have the job, who are willing to help her get the position.

But the bottom line is, unless she is assisting the decision maker in getting what they want and she is able to do that better than the person who is currently holding the senior position, it’s not likely to occur.

Currently there is a discussion on making gender diversity in the workplace a law in South Africa. However, any time women consider gender equality just for the sake of gender equality and do not base it on measurable productivity, there will be a price to pay, as she may not be dealing currently with the most productive people. Gender equality needs to be based not just on gender, but on who really and truly can do the job most effectively and efficiently.

If a woman has the credentials, the talent and the skills that are greater or equal to any other person applying for the position, then it’s unfair to discriminate because she’s a female. The decision has to be based on the skills of the individual, not on their gender. Wise laws need to be legislated around equal education for both genders. That way, the individual, regardless of gender, can say, “I’ve have completed the education, I am efficient and effective, I deserve the position”. If you just arbitrarily put somebody in a senior position because of gender, you’re creating a situation of entitlement. If a woman gets the job done more effectively and efficiently than a man, then she deserves the job.

Dr. John Demartini is a human behaviour specialist, educator, author and the founder of the Demartini Institute.

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