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How to buy your freedom

How to buy your freedom

Human behaviourist Dr John Demartini explains one of the most important levels of business " how to give yourself the freedom to expand your outreach and your vision so that you can have whatever you want in life

When I was in elementary school I had significant learning problems, although I did excel in sports. My dad felt it wise for me to at least become street smart. So when I was nine years of age he said, ~Son, you have now learned how to serve people through your neighborhood landscaping and mowing business and even how to save a portion of your earnings, but now I want to teach you the next level of business.TM I said, ~What is that?TM I was a little anxious because the last time he said he wanted to teach me something, it cost me, for I had to begin paying him for his rental equipment depreciation costs. He said, ~I want you to know what itTMs like to buy your freedom so ITMm going to start charging you for your shelter, food and clothes, your living expenses at home. But for paying for these responsibilities ITMm going to also give you freedom to go anywhere on your bicycle you just bought. YouTMre free to go anywhere in any direction you want to go as long as youTMre home by 9 oTM clock at night.

Because it was in the summertime I could get on my bicycle and leave at five in the morning and ride 35+ miles in various directions until exactly halfway through the day and then turn around and then race back to get there by 9 pm. And whenever I wasnTMt working, I would go in different directions just so that I could experience different routes and explore various nearby towns or areas of the city of Houston.

What that did was expand my vision, extend my outreach of what was possible. I explored all over the city and surrounding towns and saw all these as opportunities that I could create just by working. At one point I had hired nine of my friends from the neighborhood and expanded and leveraged the kid power and resources of my business. My dad gave me the freedom to be an entrepreneur and he taught me something: that if youTMre willing to serve ever greater numbers of people, thereTMs no limit to what you can earn and how much freedom you can buy. And if youTMre willing to be accountable, you get ever greater opportunities.

I am grateful for what he taught me. The accountability that my dad offered me was a major turning point in my life. ITMve had a work ethic ever since. Thank you, Dad! Because, letTMs face it, not every dad offers their son such an entrepreneurial gift.

His offer bought me my freedom. By the time I was 12 I was literally riding my bicycle and hopping trains to nearby cities. I was hitchhiking at age 13 to different cities and states, and I hitchhiked across America and through Mexico when I was 14 years old I began my travelling of the world which I still so love even today.

ITMve been travelling and on the go most of my life. And I believe that the space and time horizons in my life were expanded as result of knowing that I can be accountable and serve, and as long as ITMm willing to do that, I can have whatever I want in life.

There is no limit on what you have as a freedom in life. Your freedom is directly proportionate to how much you care about another human being and share whatTMs inspiring to you in terms of whatTMs valuable to others. And the more you can discover and establish the value in others, he more you can sell something and serve someone. We all deserve the freedom of maximizing our services and rewards in life.

Dr. John Demartini is a human behaviour specialist, educator, author and the founder of the Demartini Institute.
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