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How Some Dads Could Avoid Facing the Dog House this Mother's Day


How Some Dads Could Avoid Facing the Dog House this Mother's Day
by Dr. John Demartini

Mother's Day is the one special day of the year where Mothers, in various countries (though on different days) around the world are showered with gifts and warm thank yous as a reminder of the contribution they make in our lives. A day when children (and those who once were children) give their recognition and appreciation to all the many things their Moms often do each day and week. Any Dad who forgets to say his thank you's on Mother's Day might just end up in the proverbial dog house.

For many women who have children, their greatest inspiration and sense of achievement is derived from their home life and the business of keeping the family operating with some semblance of order and cohesiveness.

Quite often working dads have a limited idea of what it takes to keep the house running and the children under some degree of governance. Things like having dinner ready when they get home or having clean shirts and the children bathed and dressed in the morning are often mistaken as things that are done with little effort.

Mother's Day is not just about children recognizing their Mother, it is also about the whole family recognizing what is takes to be a Mother.

It is wise for both caring children and dads to consider stopping for a moment and begin compiling an extensive list of all the many little things that their Moms or wives do through each day and week; like having beds made and clean clothes and then recognize each and every one of them. If this extensive list were then to be read to Mom this Mother's Day it just might open a heart and bring an endearing tear of gratitude in return. Any children, dad or husband that has not yet become accustomed to such a caring gesture just might be very pleasantly surprised. We love you Mom. Thank you for all that you do. We certainly would not want to be without you.




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