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How Can I Accumulate More Money?

By Dr John Demartini


Unless you appreciate the money that comes to you-which is another way of saying that you value it and are grateful for it-it's not going to be part of your life for long. Whatever you don't appreciate will depreciate!

Money automatically flows to those who appreciate it the most. It automatically finds its way to those who study and practice the principles of wise money management. People who devalue money tend to spend their lives working for it. Those who value money-who save it and use it to enhance the world around them-end up with money working for them.

How you manage money has everything to do with your hierarchy of values.

If you've discovered that a lack of appreciation for money may be holding you back from having the cash flow you'd love, there's good news: You don't have to perpetuate this illusion of scarcity. You can alter your perceptions and even change your values.
As you already know, you have your own unique, ordered set of values. If building wealth didn't even show up on your list or it appeared somewhere long after the top ten, then there's a simple exercise you can do to boost its rankings.

Link it to what you love.
Make a list of reasons why saving money and building wealth could change your life and how it could contribute to the people you care about and love. Don't just write down one or two benefits. List more than 100 (and if you're ready to go for it, list 200 or even 300 or more) reasons why saving money and building wealth will serve you and those you love. Get family members involved if you think it would be wise and help reinforce the new ideas and feelings you're generating about wealth. Likewise, while you're making this giant list, be sure to fully engage. Get inspired, be thoughtful, and entertain yourself with the possibilities.

Next, focus on what you ranked as your highest value when you completed the discovering-your-values exercise in the previous chapter. How will saving money and building wealth help you experience richness in this area to an even greater degree? Once a gain, come up with at least 100 ways in which money supports your highest value. Now take a look at your second highest value and so on, continuing down the list. By the time you're done, you'll have hundreds of reasons why saving money and building wealth can make a significant contribution to your life-and the lives of people you love.

If you link saving money to whatever is already most important to you, you won't subtract from your wealth, you'll naturally add to it! Remember how you automatically convert your cash into your values? When saving is tightly connected with your highest values-whether children, philanthropy, social action, business, or whatever those values are-your cash will be converted to savings in support of those values if you've realized enough reasons for it.
In this exercise, you're priming yourself for a new cash-management strategy, one that includes appreciation for what saving and building wealth can bring to the rest of your life. When you've completed this exercise, you're ready to implement some of the key strategies for accumulating the material riches you'd love to have.



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