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Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying
Dr. John Demartini

Any area of your life you are not empowered in someone else can and probably will overpower you in. It is wise to empower all areas of your life. There are seven areas or forms of empowerment that can help reduce the probability of being bullied:

  • Mental power: Seeing how whatever is being said, stated or done by the bully can be spun into an opportunity and used to your greatest advantage. This is a useful strategy for life for anyone. If other people's opinions of you are more important than your own then you are unwisely minimizing yourself anyway. It is not what happens to you that is so crucial as how you interprete and respond to it. Asking yourself how you can take what is being done to you or said about you and creatively using it to your greatest advantage works wonders. There are two sides to everything. There are supportive aspects to every challenge. Be a master of your destiny or you will remain a victim of your history.
  • Vocational power: Being of or contributing services to others where you have many others that are there to assist you in return can become a great social force. When you help others fulfill what they would love in life they will help you fulfill what you would love in life.
  • Financial power: Having sufficient resources or family wealth can allow you to investigate the details of the matter and / or individual and potentially confront the bully with affirmative, social or if necessary legal action if it is severe enough.
  • Family power: Having yourself and your parents and siblings communicate with the bully directly and let them know that if it continues then social or legal action will be initiated if the severity warrants it.
  • Social power: Having so many friends that they respond back with social media responses that neutralize the challenging actions and possibly use social rejection pressures to counter the bullying.
  • Physical power: Having a strong, toned empowered body with the ability to stand up to someone can also help. Taking martial arts classes reduces the probability of others picking on you. I am not promoting offensively fighting, only defensively responding. Sometimes when you stand strong, others weaken and retreat.
If you are a vulnerable; juvenile dependent because you have been overprotected, oversupported or over-babied, then you just may be attracting the bully to wake you up to new levels of strength and autonomy that can help you grow and mature. Some bullies may actually prepare you for the many challenges of the real world. Anything you can't see as on the way and instructive can be perceived as in the way and obstructive. It is all about how you choose to view it. Masters of life become grateful for whatever happens knowing it is ultimately on the way to help them fulfill their greater mission for life. The greater the challenges the greater the opportunities.



For more information on dealing with Bullying Behavior, click here to watch my video. 

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