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Creating a Mission Statement


  • The mission statement needs to be refined and reviewed so everybody in the company is aligned to it.
  • A mission statement is not meant to be an idealistic, intellectual statement designed to sound good in public. One of the most important things in building a business is a clear vision and certainty: the statement of purpose or mission of what you want to create. A mission statement is a statement from the core of the individual leader's heart on what they are inspired to do.
  • A good mission statement essentially demands the soul and spirit of the leader. In order to be a good leader you must have vision, inspiration and purpose which leads to vitality, intensity and power.
  • The mission statement of a company is the inner most thoughts of the leader and it speaks to their core values.
  • The inspiration of the company is directly proportionate to how vivid the vision and the statement is of what you would like to do.
  • A leader must be appreciative of the opportunity they have to share the product service or idea of the company.
  • A successful company is one where the following is reflected on the staff; gratitude, vision and enthusiasm. The staff must be grateful to be at work and plan for it every morning, there must be a vision they can articulate without outside help and they must be enthusiastic - this is seen in the vibe of the workplace.
  • Most people think terrestrially and look out celestially; like you have the world in your hands and imagine going from a greater sphere and look inwards.
  • The masses of people wait to see things before they believe; the master believes things before they see it. 
  • You cannot coerce people into working - you have to inspire them to work. An inspiring mission statement assists employees to know what they are working towards and aids productivity.
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