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Benefits of the Bully



If you live within a fantasy world where everything is supposed to be happy, easy, peaceful, safe and agreeable, you are vulnerable to the major let down when your fantasy is broken by the actions of a bully.


People addicted to support, safety, protection and acknowledgement will attract the opposite traits in a bully to break their addiction to safety, protection and dependency. The more you are addicted to protection and safety, the more juvenile and dependent you become. In response, you will attract a bully to break your addiction, set you free to become independent and to stand up for what and who you are. This will help you to fulfill your mission and not subordinate to others or always try to please others.


The bully serves you by waking you up to your unrealistic expectations, fantasies and breaks you of your dependency. If you are trying to protect your façade, the image of the bully will break through the façade, take off the mask and will force you to face the truth about yourself and become more real, self-confident and empowered.


Dr. Demartini once told his children as they were growing up, "If you've got a bully in your life and he's pushing you around, it's partly because you're not guiding or governing your own life. You're not empowered in that area. Once you empower that area, the bully disappears. If you don't empower yourself, the bully just keeps coming in to toughen you up, to make you stronger so you empower that area. That bully is your hero because he is actually helping you empower yourself."


The bully is attracted to his or her opposite. Both of you are in a dance of growth. The bully eventually gets humbled and the bullied gets strong. Both require the traits of the other to make them both awaken to their wholeness. Remember, any area you do not empower someone will over power. Empower yourself and let the bully do their bullying to someone else who needs it more than you do.






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