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Are You A Rich or Poor Millionaire?



According to a Survey of Consumer Finances, the average wealthy American has $1,400,000 in assets, and $275,000 in debts, for a net worth of over $1.1 million.  Of those assets, they are fairly equally split between 'financial' assets (stocks, bonds, mutual funds and cash), and 'non-financial' assets (real estate, personal business equity, collectibles).  Even then, most believe that they cannot afford to buy everything they really need.  These results suggest that money is not the only determinant of real life wealth.


Dr. John Demartini defines a ‘poor' millionaire as someone who is living just to make money.  On the contrary, Demartini believes a rich millionaire is someone who values the fullness of his or her life while making a profit doing what they love or loving what they do.  He goes on to explain that doing what you love and making millions does not have to be mutually exclusive.


"If an individual is truly doing what they love to do they cannot help but feel prosperous and grateful for where they are and what they have.  You cannot put a monetary value on being in love with life," says Dr. Demartini.


A multimillionaire in his own right, Dr. John Demartini does not deny he is an advocate for building tangible wealth and learning the fundamental laws of financial wellness.


So how do you make one hell of a profit and still get to heaven according to Dr. Demartini?


  1. Make your spiritual life a business and your business life a spiritual experience
  2. Do not try to receive something for nothing, or try to give something for nothing
  3. SAVE 10% OF ALL YOU EARN - The more you have, the more you can attract
  4. If you want to retire then you are in the wrong business
  5. Anything you do consumes time. To maximize the value of your time, prioritize your interactions
  6. Organize and lead your inner parts purposefully
  7. Desperate people do desperate things, while inspired people do inspired things
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