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8 Keys to Wealth and Prosperity

8 Keys to Wealth and Prosperity

Money is simply a credit or productivity exchange vehicle between the services that you provide and the rewards that you receive. It is also a vehicle that can translate your inspiring dreams into reality. Although money cannot buy you lasting happiness, what it can do, is change the standards and opportunities in your life.

It is wise to ask yourself the following questions: Would you rather be around uninspired people who are working dead-end jobs that do not feel fulfilled and who are dead broke? Or would you rather be around people who want to be inspired by their life and by the work that they do, and who are living their life to its fullest potential and are financially free? Would you rather have more month at the end of your money, or more money at the end of your month? 

Here are the 8 keys I’ve learned from my own experiences and from some of the wealthiest people in the world that I have been fortunate enough to interact with. Please read on!

1. Evaluate your highest values and determine where wealth building truly is on your hierarchy of values.

You have probably wondered why so few ever obtain financial independence. And also, why can’t you? The primary reason goes down to the hierarchy of your values and to the degree in which you value you.  You live your daily life according to your hierarchy of values. Every decision you make is based upon this list. So it is wise to check and see what your highest values truly are and whether wealth building is even near the top. You may say you want to be financially independent, but instead you actually live your life according to what you truly value most. If your highest values revolve around consuming depreciable liabilities in the immediate gratifying moment, you will probably end up never saving or investing for your long-term future. Unless you value building wealth more than buying depreciating consumables, financial independence is probably only a fantasy. Money circulates through the economy from those who value it least to those who value it most. It is wise to raise wealth building up on your values so you can begin and become disciplined enough to save and eventually invest your hard earned capital.

REMEMBER! Pay yourself and save first, because if you do not pay your savings and then investments first, financial independence will only be an unfulfilled fantasy.

2. Instead of discounting your service; pump up the value you offer!

Why is money a means of exchange for services rendered? Simple! You are basically producing a product or service of value to your loved ones, clients, boss, colleagues, etc. or whoever appreciates it. If you give someone something that they do not pay for, and they feel out of fair exchange, then they will probably experience self-depreciating guilt for not paying for the services you are providing. In return, you will probably have the fear of not receiving any type of compensation for the product or service you are delivering. Timely fair exchange clears such guilt or fear states of consciousness. Unfair or incomplete exchanges leave you and them distracted and unpoised. Pump up your value by listing 50 benefits to the client of you charging them a fair price and then having them pay you in a present manner. Payment is due when service is rendered has stood the test of time.

KEEP IT SIMPLE: When there is a payment due at the same time, at a fair and pre-agreed price, it is clean and it is done! No fear, No guilt and you are left with a clear mind to solely dedicate adding value to your client.

3. Make a plan to elevate your income. 

Picture this: You go into your boss’ office to ask for a promotion and handsome pay raise, but you have no explanation as to why you deserve this increase, and no plan to expand on your current duties with the company when you receive the financial promotion. 
Now ask yourself: Do you think you will get the promotion or additional income? Probably not! The principle of making a plan when asking for a raise is the same when it comes to your own wealth building. Studying wealth and knowing what you are going to do with each of your dollars allows you to have a clear, crystallized vision of how you will manage your money and what you are going to do with it. List all of the accomplishments, accountabilities, contributions, new skills, new ideas and responsibilities that you have taken on and now provide since the last pay raise and plan your presentation as a professional. Enter your negotiations prepared, empowered and clear more than uncertain, entitled and cloudy. 

IMPORTANT: You are more likely to receive what you desire from your financial position and opportunities if and when you have a clear vision and plan and you truly deserve it.

4. Make wealth building a priority.

If wealth, prosperity, or financial freedom, are not in your top-tier of the hierarchy of your values, you are not likely to manifest substantial wealth in your life. It has to be high enough on your list of values for you to manifest financial freedom. 
Let’s say you have $10,000 coming to you and you have “building wealth” as number 15 on your list of values or resultant goals. You then have a fantasy intention to build wealth with it, but instead you will spend that money on the other 14 values that come before your wealth-building value. Your life demonstrates your list of values. If wealth building is not high, money will say goodbye.

THE BIG PICTURE: Whatever is your highest value, you will take action on to create and manifest. Whatever is lowest, you will procrastinate and seldom if ever get around to accomplishing.

5. If the ‘why?’ is big enough, the ‘how?’ will take care of itself.

The size of your financial cause will decide your degree of inspiration to provide ever greater service and accumulate ever greater degrees of wealth. If your cause for wealth is small and you simply want to survive and have enough money to make ends meet, forget accumulating wealth and great fortune: you will simply have enough to get by and probably never obtain great financial independence or status. If your cause for wealth is large and you have a burning desire to live a life many only ever dream of, you will require a greater and more inspired reason or purpose to achieve this desire!

REMEMBER: The greater your financial cause, the greater is your potential for achieving lasting fortune and wealth!

6. Breakthrough and let go of any form of financially self-depreciating shame and guilt.

When you feel shameful or guilty, you won’t feel great self-worth. These two emotional states lower your self-worth and they can cripple and deter you from ever achieving your financial freedom.  If you do not feel worthy of receiving due compensation, you will set up little unconscious behaviors that will interfere with building your lasting wealth because you feel you do not deserve it. You will rescue others claiming to be desperate in order to feel greater about yourself. You will feel uneasy about charging a fair fee for your services rendered. You will give in when confronted and negotiate away your potential profits. Or you will attract costly events and entropic calamities that undermine your opportunities to save and invest. 
Go back into the past to whatever you have done or not done that you have perceived unworthy, that has made you feel shameful or guilty and ask yourself this: “How has this action or inaction served me and all of the others involved?” Answer this question enough times until you feel grateful for your actions or inactions and until you feel worthy enough to fairly and fully receive.

FACT: If you do not believe you are worthy, you will not be willing to receive what you truly deserve and you will undermine your potential for building lasting wealth!

7. Create an immortal saving and investment account for building wealth beyond your life!

You may ask, what is an immortal saving and investment account? This is a saving and investment account that you create and keep feeding money into that accumulates wealth and lasts beyond your life, for the sake of a financial cause that is bigger than you and beyond your mortal existence. 
Let’s say you save and invest enough money to finally become financially independent. Your investment income then overrides your active income from work and you then begin to desire to create some meaningful cause or charitable endeavor that lasts even beyond that. This is what some foundations are for. If you build a wealth base that outdoes your own life’s needs, you can then contribute to something philanthropically that accountably contributes to ever greater numbers of others throughout the world.

IMPORTANT: There’s a certain fulfillment in the ability to serve ever greater numbers and levels of humanity.

8. Change your perceptions and feelings towards any form of burdensome debt.

It is wise to think of any of your forms of burdensome debt as simply coming from somebody who has already believed and invested in you, so that you can reframe them into somebody who deserves to be compensated and thanked. That may initially sound odd. But, it is unwise to see your debt in an ungrateful light where you will feel overwhelmed and frustrated by how much you owe. Instead, it is wiser to be grateful for those who previously believed in you - your “investor”. 
Whoever loaned you money must have strongly believed in or trusted you. If they loaned you money, and invested in your dream they are your private investor and their investment made it possible for you to do what whatever you desired to do. So embrace your debt with gratitude by listing all the benefits it has provided you, then chunk the total down into smaller time frames and into daily or even hourly more manageable bites and then convert these into daily units of service and finally focus on providing ever greater levels of service. When you convert your entire and possibly overwhelming debt into smaller units of service and focus solely on providing your service, your debt goes away. If you focus on your debt your service goes away. 

BIG PICTURE: Anything that you are resentful for or regret will run and burden you, while anything you are grateful for you will run and feel free of!

In the end, remember, that wealth building is created through strategies, not emotions. Warren Buffett said, “Until you manage your emotions, don’t expect to manage your money!” So, give yourself permission to clearly and strategically serve and deserve your great fortune.

Dr. John Demartini is a human behaviour specialist, educator, author and the founder of the Demartini Institute. 

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