The Productivity Equation

Raising productivity in the workplace

Maintaining an Engaged and Driven Workforce
Even in the Face of Economic Uncertainty

Every day that your employees are uninspired by their jobs, the productivity of the company goes down and it costs your company millions.

It is not just about matching peoples’ skills to the job. It is also about matching peoples’ values to the job. It is a science you can learn through the Demartini Institute that will completely transform your employing technique.

It may surprise you to know that no one is loyal to a company, only to their own values. If employees are doing a job that is congruent with their highest value, productivity optimally increases. That is why it is vital to understand the Value Process if you want to increase productivity and therefore profit.

Dr John Demartini, who has been studying human behaviour for 38 years, teaches a two-hour programme on the Value Process explaining how to hire accurately, how to link existing employees’ values to their jobs and how to recognise who would be better suited to another job.

An interactive two-hour practical workshop can be added to the Value Process programme called the Demartini Value Determination ProcessTM.

The Productivity Factor

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As a business owner or manager do you find yourself spending more time addressing staff performance issues rather than working on growing the business? Would you love to have teams that innovate and take responsibility for their objectives? Everybody lives according to their values.

When you identify the values that a job requires and match the candidate with the corresponding values, productivity soars. In this audio presentation Dr John Demartini educates business leaders on how to achieve inspiring productivity in the workplace. This CD set is an essential business tool for all business owners and entrepreneurs.

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