Sacred Healing

When the heart is open, we gain wisdom. When we have wisdom, the body heals.

We are designed to listen to the soul and to its wisdom. When you perceive order, you are healing.

In this inspired seminar you will have the opportunity of tapping into Dr John Demartini’s 39 years of research into the principles and methodologies of healing consciousness.

Dr Demartini’s study of universal laws in relation to body, mind and spirit, particularly as they relate to healing, has focused on distilling the very essence of healing. What makes a great healer? What brings about spontaneous remissions? What is the connection between the mind and body? What role do our perceptions play in activating healing and vitality?

Dr Demartini will explore part theoretical and part practical principles while he takes you on a journey looking at the intricacies of healing consciousness. He will share how the masters of healing consciousness throughout the ages learnt how to use the four cardinal pillars of healing: Love, Gratitude, Certainty and Presence, to bring about profound transformations in healing. He will show you how any healer, or person seeking healing, who has these four states will bring healing to themselves and those around them.

This program is for anyone who has a love and interest in healing and who wishes not only to understand the essence of healing but who would also love to activate the power of sacred healing from within.

Dr. Demartini’s knowledge in the mind body arena is astounding. Sacred Healing is an amazing cosmic journey weaving together ancient wisdom and modern knowledge. I feel like I have just accelerated my understanding and learning of the essence of healing to a whole new level.

Dr. N Jarvis

The Healing Mind

Digital Media Download – Available Online

A brilliant presentation that addresses the mind-body connection and how perceptions have the power to bring about health or disease within the body. Dr. Demartini shows you how imbalanced perceptions impact neurohormone messages, enzymes and structural tensions and compressions within the body and break down the body causing disease. He will show you how balancing emotions assists in creating health and wellbeing and why gratitude is one of the greatest healers.

Dr. Demartini’s knowledge of the physical body is extensive and his insights into health and wellbeing profound. This presentation will open your eyes to the magnificence of the human body and the incredible power of the mind to heal the body.

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