Can You Develop a Mindset for Wellbeing?

When it comes to wellbeing, Dr John Demartini has for many years stated that wellness and vitality spring from a healthy mindset, Here’s how he explains it.

The key to a wellness mindset and wellbeing, is the ability to mindfully bring your perceptions back into balance through living by priority.

When it comes to developing a mindset for wellbeing, the majority of people tend not to be aware or mindful of the fact that physical wellbeing begins in the mind.

Billion-dollar industries have been founded and sustained on the “pill for every ill” mentality that something external can result in physical wellness. Vitamins, supplements, antidepressants and a host of other pharmaceuticals have become synonymous with increased wellbeing, with very few people opting to adopt an “inside out” approach that begins with your hierarchy of values and their resultant perceptions, decisions and actions.

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Let’s start with how developing a wellness mindset, meaning that you’re mindful and fully aware of your conscious and previously unconscious perceptions, means you’re likely to increase your wellbeing.

Perceiving that someone is above or below you is an imbalanced perception resulting in imbalanced actions. Garbage in – garbage out.

When you look up to them or down on them, infatuate with them or resent them, are attracted to them or repulsed by them, or imagine them as being greater than you or lesser than you, you are likely to do the OPPOSITE within yourself.

  • In other words, if you exaggerate them, you tend to minimize yourself relative to them.
  • If you put somebody down, you tend to exaggerate yourself and think yourself ‘greater’ than them.
  • If you’re conscious of their upsides, and unconscious of their downsides you tend to be in turn unconscious of your upsides and conscious of your downsides by comparison.
  • If you’re conscious of their downsides, and unconscious of their upsides you tend to be unconscious of your downsides and conscious of your upsides.

In each of these cases, you are unlikely to see them as they are or to see yourself as you are, which results from a survival subjective bias.

Any time you have a subjective bias on things around you (outside of you), you’re likely to end up with a reciprocal subjective bias within you, which causes a skewed or distorted reality about life, yourself and others.

You’re also likely to be inauthentic and project false realities about and onto individuals.

Every time you exaggerate somebody else, infatuate with them and minimize yourself, you create imbalances in your neurochemistry.
Every time you minimize somebody else, resent them and exaggerate yourself, you create imbalances in your neurochemistry.

Your neurochemistry includes all the little signal molecules that go between cells in your body and particularly through your nervous system, hormonal system and glands. Imbalanced perceptions can alter these chemistries, based on the ratios of your perceptions.

As an example, I teach a program called the  Breakthrough Experience  in which I teach people how to solve issues and balance their emotions using a process called the Demartini Method which helps them to balance the mathematical equation of their perceptions.

Let’s say that someone on this 2-day program decides that they’d like to dissolve feelings of resentment towards a particular individual. Using the Demartini Method, they may list 50 negatives about an individual they dislike but struggle to come up with more than five positives. In other words, they are more conscious of the downsides than they are of the upsides.

The reverse can also be true, if they are highly infatuated with someone and are more conscious of that individual’s upsides than their downsides.

These imbalanced ratios, if sustained, can physically alter this individual’s neurochemistry, cellular chemistry, biochemistry, endocrine system and nervous system.

That is why, if you are highly resentful of somebody, your testosterone, cortisol, norepinephrine, osteocalcin and substance P can elevate while your oxytocin, vasopressin, serotonin, dopamine, and estrogen can fall, based on the ratios of perception.

In fact, we could even go as far as saying that each of the ratios of transmitters, regulators, hormones and signal molecules in your body are based on the ratios of perceptions that you are holding in your actively engaged judgments and stored in your subconscious mind.

So you can see that your mindset is playing a vital role in the chemistry of your mind and body and thus your wellbeing too.

Your subconscious mind stores all previous conscious and unconscious judgment splits that have not been balanced.

Your subconscious mind stores these imbalanced perceptions in the form of impulses or instincts. Impulses meaning that you ‘have to get it’ because you see more pleasure than pain associated with it or instincts that you ‘have to get away from’ because you see more pain than pleasure associated with it.

All your accumulated previous pleasures or pains will now likely be imposed on any new information that comes in that you are actively engaged in judging.

This, in turn, creates a perception on top of the receptivity that you have when you judge.

You can alter your chemistry as a result of altering of your perceptions. If you change the ratios of those perceptions, you change your chemistry.

Let’s look at what could happen if a man who looked similar to your ex-husband who you perceived to be highly aggressive walked into your office. If we looked at your blood chemistry in that moment, it is highly likely that your cortisol, testosterone and norepinephrine would be skyrocketing. This is the direct result of perceptions that you have historically stored in your subconscious mind (brain networks) that you have never gone back and balanced. A charged mindset that’s impacting your wellness levels and vitality.

Every imbalanced perception is stored in the subconscious mind, which results in a skewing of the chemistries in your brain.

You have incredible homeostatic mechanisms in your brain for balancing electrochemistry, neurohormones, neuroregulators and neurotransmitters. However, most individuals are likely to keep perturbing it by holding on to previous imbalanced perceptions and storing active judgments and therefore ratios of perceptions that are skewed.

If you don’t take the time to neutralize these perceptions and neutralize the chemistry, those chemistries can affect your physiology, epigenetics, and neuroplasticity in the brain, thereby resulting in compensatory symptoms sometimes called illness.

Illness is a feedback mechanism to let you know that you’re storing imbalanced perceptions in your subconscious mind.

We’re constantly being bombarded by associated stimuli to remind us of things that we have never balanced.

I’m certain that the key to a mindset for wellbeing is the ability to bring your previously skewed perceptions back into balance.

While you don’t have direct control of your chemistry, you do have indirect control of your chemistry by changing your ratios of perception.

There are 3 things you have control over in your life: your PERCEPTIONS, DECISIONS, and ACTIONS in life.

Change your actions and you change your neurochemistry.

Change your perceptions, and you change your neurochemistry.

This is something I spend quite a bit of time on during the Breakthrough Experience – using the Demartini Method of asking specific questions to help you be cognizant of what you were unconscious of.

As a result, you can balance out your perceptions and chemistry so you can liberate yourself from grief, depression, frustrations, fantasies, nightmares and anxieties, as well as all the things that distract you from being present and empowered.

If you don’t have command over those in your own life and you keep expecting somebody out there to rescue you, or if you feel tempted to take a pill for every ill, then you’re likely to be disempowered in comparison to what you are capable of.

Being mindful of your highest values along your journey is essential to maintaining a mindset for wellness.

Every individual lives by a set of priorities in life, a set of values that are unique to them, including you. What’s important to you, or what is highest on your set of values determines how you perceive and evaluate your world and what events or individuals are considered supportive or challenging. Therefore your set of values impacts your mindset.

When you live in accordance with your HIGHEST values – whatever is most important – your highest priorities, the actions that fulfil you the most, or those that you spontaneously can’t wait to get up in the morning and do – your blood, glucose and oxygen goes into your forebrain.

When you attempt to live by your LOWEST values and feel like you are putting out fires and never getting around to what is really important to you – blood glucose and oxygen go into your amygdala and hindbrain.

Your hindbrain is for hindsight and learns by trial and error, which is inefficient.

Your forebrain is for foresight, which means that you are likely to anticipate challenges, mitigate risk, and bring yourself into objectivity.

When you go into the forebrain, you’ll tend to live by priority, be objective and balanced, and embrace both sides of what life offers.

In a relationship, this could mean that you are equally aware of both the upsides and downsides, as opposed to being blindly infatuated with the individual. As a result, you’ll tend to be more balanced and objective in the relationship, and less likely to fear the loss of the behaviours you admire and fear the gain of the behaviours you despise.

Living with a priority mindset puts you on your journey to wellness.

If you fill each of your days with the highest priority, most meaningful and fulfilling actions, you will increase your resilience and adaptability, by activating your  forebrain’s executive center. Your executive function is responsible for inspired  vision, strategic planning, executing plans, and self-governance.

Prioritizing your life and then doing the Demartini Method on any subconscious baggage can transform your perceptions, decisions and actions in life. In that way what happens outside of you no longer matters, but instead what matters is how you perceive, decide and act upon it.

I have had so many people talk about COVID-19 has “done” to them, and I always respond that it’s not COVID-19 it is your perceptions of what COVID-19 has done. It’s the very reason why some people have thrived and their businesses are booming – people who’ve found opportunities amidst the challenge and turned those opportunities into growth factors.

You have amazing resilience and adaptability to whatever happens to you, if you transform your attitude.

William James said that the greatest discovery of his generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their perceptions and attitudes of the mind.

I’m certain that you can take command of your perceptions by taking whatever has happened and asking how it serves your highest value and how it’s helping you fulfill what’s most meaningful to you.

In the Breakthrough ExperienceI take individuals that you have resented and experiences that you might never want to go through again, and help you find out the upsides and benefits that you may not have perceived before. In that way, it doesn’t matter what goes on out there, because you will know how to take command of perceiving it in such a way that you win.

Then instead of looking to pharmaceuticals or other so-called “quick fixes”, you’re likely to be able to normalize your own physiology, bring your perceptions back into balance, get clear on your mission and purpose, live by your highest priorities, and delegate lower priority things and empower your journey.

As a result, you are likely to experience an unbelievable amount of energy, focus and inspiration. That’s the mindset that creates wellbeing.

So, if you want to master your life, know that:

  • Your physiology is trying to help you do it, through its many homeostatic feedback systems.
  • The key to balancing out your physiology, psychology and wellness is to know how to ask yourself questions that will make you make you fully conscious and able to see both sides.
  • Practicing the Demartini Method and doing the FREE Value Determination Process will assist you in determining what is important to you so you can live by priority.
  • When you live by priority and use the Demartini Method, you are likely to be liberated from a tremendous amount of emotional baggage so you can have more freedom in life to do what you really love to do.

I truly believe that every symptom in every area of your life – your mental symptoms, business symptoms, financial symptoms and social symptoms are all because of subjectively biased, perceptually based, emotional imbalances.

Until you can create a mindset for wellbeing by managing your emotions, don’t expect to wisely manage your money, relationships, or anything in your life.

Anything you infatuate with or resent is going to occupy space and time in your mind and run you. It is the things that you balance (see both sides) that you get to run.

In conclusion:

Your symptoms are ultimately a part of maintaining wellbeing.

Symptoms and illness are your intuition’s way of revealing to your awareness the aspects of a situation that you are unconscious of or ignoring so that you may return to a balanced orientation.

Wellness and vitality spring from balanced perspectives and actions, whereas symptoms and illness frequently arise from imbalanced perspectives and actions.

To return to wellness, it is wise to live by priority each day:

  • Prioritize your daily actions,
  • Prioritize the food you eat,
  • Prioritize who you interact with, and
  • Prioritize your services.

Living by priority is one of the wisest things you could do to empower your physiology.

When you are mindful about doing what you love and are living by priority, you are likely to enhance your neurochemistry, vitality and overall wellbeing, you are likely to be liberated from a tremendous amount of emotional baggage so you can have more freedom in life to do what you really love to do.

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