How To Effectively Use Meditation and Affirmations

DR JOHN DEMARTINI   -   Updated 10 months ago

Dr John Demartini shares powerful meditation and words of wisdom and power or ‘affirmation’ techniques to help you actively create and master your most inspired and vitalized life.


DR JOHN DEMARTINI - Updated 10 months ago

Over the past 5 decades, I have seen many individuals using meditation more as an escape than as a tool for centering themselves and integration. In other words, using meditation in an effort to dissociate from the challenges of their life, in the same way they may use a drug or alternative pleasure-taking system to escape.

As such, these individuals are far less likely to utilize meditation up to its full potential.

I like to think of two basic forms of meditation:

  • Passive creature meditation
  • Active creator meditation

Passive creature meditation

The passive creature meditation involves sitting in silence with the intention to dissolve the clouding and rippling noise in your mind.

This so-called ‘brain noise’ that keeps you from being present includes all your conscious and unconscious judgments that give rise to your distracting impulses and instincts, and infatuations and resentments that preoccupy your mind while waiting to be intuitively balanced, cleared and returned to a more integrated state of appreciation and love.

Meditation is therefore an exercise for integration – to help you integrate the pairs of opposites in your mind and reduce the noise.

When you infatuate with something, you simultaneously resent its opposite. When you resent something, you simultaneously infatuate with its opposite.

The illusion of separated components of perception, as opposed to the actual integrated components of perception, make up the brain noise that initiates imbalanced excitation and inhibition within the brain.

When you perceive only one side of an event, positive without negative, or negative without positive, the unconscious and conscious split in your perception vies for attention and distracts you because anything you infatuate with or resent occupies space and time in your mind and runs you until you actively balance it.

Once balanced, you perceive both sides of the event equally and simultaneously by bringing the unconscious half of your perception also conscious, so your mind becomes present and you awaken a fully conscious meditative state.

So, instead of using meditation to escape challenges in your life, it is wiser to use it as an integrative tool to synthesize and synchronize the misperceptions of reality that you may be storing in your subconscious mind and bring your awareness to a super-conscious awareness.

This leads you into a state where you’re able to practice passive creature meditation.

What is Passive creature meditation?

Passive creature meditation is where you are passively receptive to your intuition and ultimately your inspiration and lucid vision once your brain noise is silenced and you become poised.

You do this by taking the stimuli that challenge you, which wake up your beta waves (13hz) in the brain, and those that support or sedate you, which initiate your delta waves (3 hz), and bring them both into equilibrium.

As such, you are able to create a more balanced alpha theta wave state and initiate a gamma burst in the brain – or an 'aha', ‘eureka’ moment of insight, inspiration, insight and vision.

When practicing passive creature meditation, you may opt to include various breathing techniques or listen to a metronome or heartbeat.

The ultimate objective is to get to the point where your brain noise is calmed down, almost as if you've calmed the ripples on the lake from the warm or cool winds of perception.

As I often say: when you're elated, you warm up the system, you fire yourself up; and when you're depressed, you cool or water it down. That creates a wind in the brain instead of being in a state of love where you have it centered, and there are no ripples on the lake of the mind.

Passive creature meditation involves sitting quietly in silence, and either consciously integrating pairs of opposites – using the Demartini Method to balance whatever's coming up in the mind - by looking for its opposite so you can balance it, or just passively waiting, which will usually calm down the mind through your intuition and bring you into homeostasis, or balance.

The moment you get to this alpha gamma state, an 'aha' moment or insight will usually come.

In this state, you're effectively a passive creature receiving an inner signal from spontaneous potentials that go on in the brain that allow you to, in a sense, insightfully see something that you may be inspired to accomplish in your life.

What's interesting is that when you infatuate with someone and minimize yourself relative to them, or resent someone and exaggerate yourself relative to them, you're inauthentic – you have minimized and exaggerated yourself.

However, when you’re centered and balanced, you’re more authentic.

In that authentic moment, that intuitive inspired signal is able to come through so that the voice and the vision on the inside become louder than the stimuli, perceptions, and opinions on the outside – particularly those perceived as challenging.

You may even experience a tear of gratitude and inspiration as confirmation that you're being authentic.

When you’re in this very balanced, mindful and present state, you’re also not undergoing timeful entropy or aging in that moment. Instead, you're in a timeless mind; ageless body state.

It is wise to ensure that whatever tools you implement or use help you integrate and transcend and not just dissociate and escape what comes to mind. Your goal is to integrate your perceptions to calm the brain noise not dissociate or try to escape it.

It is also wise to be mindful that you can become addicted to a dissociated state of ‘bliss” or euphoria instead of grounding yourself in a balanced reality and living by priority.

There are hundreds of different tools and techniques to help you reach that state, so use whatever works for you.

Meditation can also be practiced in any venue. I have meditated in an elevator and on an airplane, as an example. It can also be done in any posture and take any amount of time.

It is wise to avoid becoming limited to “have to's”, and instead remember that the objective is to get present, be silent, and let the noise ripples of your mind calm down.

When you achieve that, you are more likely to get into a synthesized transcendent state where, instead of your perceptions being polarized which results in a polarized emotion (joy, sorrow, happy, sad, attraction, repulsion, elation, depression etc.), you have true grace, true inspiration, true enthusiasm, true presence, and true certainty (balanced emotions or synthesized feelings).

In this synthesized balanced state, that’s when there's lucidity there, and that's the state that you're ideally obtaining.

In this synthesized transcendent state, you are most likely to see a vision about what you may want to accomplish, fulfill or complete, or maybe even a new perception, decision or action that arises.

Whatever arises, you can then use to go into the next phase of meditation which is to go into an ACTIVE meditation where you take the content that just arose and now concentrate on that becoming a reality.

If you’d love to master the art of accessing the transcendent mind, then join me for my signature program called the Breakthrough Experience. It’s where I train you in the Demartini Method which is a process that helps you to balance your perceptions and experience a mindful transcendent state. Once you know how, you can use that in your daily meditations to receive your inspired visions and messages.

Active Creator Meditation

Many years ago, I imagined myself speaking at The London Palladium. I imagined standing on the stage, seeing the seats and balconies in front of me, and even feeling what I imagined it would feel like to be there.

There were few details that I didn’t imagine – from navigating my way to the stage, to what I would see, hear and smell, and even the process of walking off the stage when I had finished speaking.

Your vision is proportionate to the details, and your vitality in life is proportionate to the details.

The more you can see and create in your mind's eye, the more effectively you can create that in your reality.

So, the active creator meditation is focusing on ever-finer details and keeping those details moving from one detail to the next in terms of what you would love to create in your life.

In other words, taking the passive creature meditation, which reveals to you a meaningful idea, goal or objective that's inspiring to you that you would love to create, and then actively focusing on all the details.

  • In the passive state, you receive the vision and message.
  • In the active state, you concentrate on the details of both what that vision and message entails and also the action steps you’ll be taking to achieve it.

Your innermost dominant thought becomes your outermost tangible reality.

By concentrating on ever-finer detail and keeping it in motion, you'll be able to hold an image.

The key reason why many individuals don't create in their life as powerfully as they can, is because they don’t hold the image through space and time. They keep being distracted by these noises in the brain, instead of focusing.

That's why I teach individuals in all my seminars and in my signature two-day Breakthrough Experience programs, how important it is to focus on the highest priority action.

Whatever's highest in your priority is most spontaneously acted upon. It is the one that has the least noise, and the one that’s the most lucid and clear. It's the one that is in the forebrain and activates the executive center, which gives inspired vision.

It’s for this reason that if you're not filling your day with high priority actions, you're likely to be distracted throughout your day.

The resulting brain noise which is really your judgements resulting in emotions, impulses and instincts that are triggered by your more primitive amygdala response will likely dominate your mind and thus distract you.

When you’re distracted from focusing on your highest values or priorities, you lose sight of what inspires you, and lower your self-worth.

So, the active creator meditation involves taking the inspired information that you received in the passive creature meditation (once you’re lucid and have tears of gratitude and inspiration on something you’d love to create), and then concentrating on the detail of what that is.

If you do that and focus on ever-finer detail and keep it in motion, you can hold an image, literally indefinitely. If you run out of details, you're likely to start distracting again, so it is wise to add more detail and keep moving through the details.

As I said earlier, your innermost thought becomes your outermost tangible reality.

Your innermost thought is an expression of what you value most, your highest value.

The active creator meditation or creative visualization is very powerful and is used by many top athletes, leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries.

To sum up so far:

Passive creature meditation involves receiving information in a transcendent state that's authentically inspired about what you would want to do in life.

Active creator meditation is where you're actually manifesting it into reality.


The term affirmation is often used in the modern-day world as a positive statement, but that's not what it originally meant.

The original idea of an affirmation is “to make firm in one's mind”.

In other words, a state in which the mind is unwavering and where you have steadiness of mind.

Essentially, an affirmation is a statement that is authentic, balanced, lucid, a “checkup from the neck up”, and a reminder of what it is you feel called to create in the world that is aligned with your highest values.

It is not some fantasy of one-sidedness, not an “I'm always happy, I'm never sad” delusion, but instead an affirmation that regardless of whether you’re supported or challenged, whether things are easy or difficult, you’re mindful that both are feedback mechanisms guiding you through your authentic path.

As such, you create a statement that is a principle that you know if you live your life by it, it's solid, balanced, firm and congruent with what you value.

It’s not polarized as a fantasy that you impulsively seek, nor is it an instinct that you're trying to avoid. It's something you know inside and feel destined to create that is synthesized and mindful.

Your innermost dominant thought is an expression of your highest value.

When you set affirmations that are congruent and aligned with your highest values, non-polarized, highly-balanced, where you've mitigated the risks in your mind and are present with the actions that it takes to achieve something - those statements, those concise reminders, are powerful active creator meditation tools to help you create what you’re affirming.

Now you're taking the visual and adding the matching audio.

So whatever that visual image is, for example, speaking at the Palladium: “I am speaking at the Palladium. I am inspiring 2000 individuals with my messages from my heart.” You're making a statement about what you're really inspired and committed to that your life spontaneously shows evidence towards, that shows up in the passive meditation vision, now active meditation.

If you do that, you increase the probability of having the manifestation.

It is wise to exclude or filter out polarized affirmations such as, “I'm always happy. I'm never sad” or “I am always kind, I'm never cruel.” These are polarizations that are unobtainable.

As the Buddha says, the desire for that which is unobtainable and the desire to avoid that which is unavoidable is the source of human suffering.

Anytime you try to only get one side and not both sides of life, you're most likely to have self-defeat. It's like trying to achieve creating a one-sided magnet, which is impossible.

You are unlikely to have certainty in a statement or affirmation unless it's balanced. As such, it is wise to avoid setting up an affirmation that's polarized to one side and that's not congruent with what you truly value.

It is also wise to allow spontaneous and intrinsically inspired action to guide the direction to prove that you're intrinsically committed to it.

If your life does not already show evidence of movement towards your goal, you may be creating a fantasy and setting yourself up for disappointment.

You may choose to write your affirmation out clearly until it brings a tear to the eye, matches what you saw in the passive creature meditation and what you visualize in your active creator meditation. You can then hold that image and affirm it in your mind's eye.

If you take the affirmation and visualization, and have it as your inner most dominant thought until you get tears of inspiration and authenticity, it's a great guide to let you know that you're on track.

In that state, your body will feel something and you'll likely yearn to spontaneously take actions on the objective.

When you're not having a spontaneous yearning to act, it’s likely you have set up a fantasy or something that's not high in your values. If you need some form of extrinsic motivation to get you to take action on what you say you want and what you're visualizing, it's likely not all that important to you.

It is unwise waste your time on things that aren't the most important to you or highest on your values.

It is wiser to prioritize your life, so you have less “brain noise”, and find it easier to meditate and create effective affirmations that help you on your path to power and life mastery.

To sum up:

I like to think of two basic forms of meditation: Passive creature meditation and active creator meditation.

Passive creature meditation involves receiving information that's authentically inspired about what you would want to do in life. Active creator meditation is where you're actually manifesting it into reality.

It is wise to ensure that your meditations and affirmations are congruent with your highest values. (Visit my website to complete the FREE Demartini Value Determination Process if you would love to identify your highest values.)

An affirmation is a statement that is balanced, authentic, lucid, a “checkup from the neck up”, and a reminder of what it is you feel called to create in the world that is aligned with your highest values.

When you set affirmations that are congruent and aligned with your highest values, non-polarized, balanced, where you've mitigated the risks in your mind and are present with the actions that it takes to achieve something - those statements, those concise reminders, are powerful active creator meditation tools to help you create what you’re affirming.

If you take the affirmation and visualization, and have it as your inner most dominant thought until you get tears of inspiration and authenticity, it's a great guide to let you know that you're on track.


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