Cause And Effect: Understanding Balance On A Deeper Level

DR JOHN DEMARTINI   -   Updated 2 years ago

We consciously or unconsciously seek the mysterious connection between cause and effect, our objectives is to solve this underlying mystery


DR JOHN DEMARTINI - Updated 2 years ago

Put your thinking cap on for a minute and read carefully. Take a journey through the labyrinth of cause and effect.

You consciously or unconsciously seek the mysterious connection between any cause and effect ever perceived. One of your higher objectives is to solve this underlying mystery. Our quest is to unify the apparent space and time separations that give rise to their illusive distinctions.

Anytime you assume that you are a victim and claim that someone else has done something to you, guess what your brain does? It keeps creating ‘distracting brain noise’ until you dissolve this illusion. As long as you have a perception that someone outside you did something to you, your brain will have such noise. Future imagined fears and past-remembered guilt's would consume your thoughts.

The fear and guilt occurs because you are misinterpreting the cause and effect.

"Ultimately it is your perception of what happened to you that is the true source or cause of your effect."

It’s all within your perception

When you change your lopsided perception to synchronous balance, your brain noise becomes cleared. This synchronous balance is where pain is balanced by pleasure, drawbacks balanced by benefits, or losses balanced by gains.

That’s why you can take a so-called victim and help them balance their perceptions and identify their own cause and effect. And instantaneously their brain noise will be cleared and their fear and guilt dissolved.

When you blame someone outside yourself, your brain will do whatever it can to find the underlying balance to calm the brain noise. As long as you separate your cause and effect, and create the mysterious void, your brain will seek the answer to that mystery and synchronous truth.

Your brain acts as a love-seeking, balance-seeking, quest-ion dissolving organ.

Your genetic code assists your brain in its search to elevate your conscious awareness.

You are innately motivated to learn the many lessons arising from separated causes and effects.

Therefore you are motivated to fulfill your many voids.

Voids are separations of cause and effect

Your mind functions with the assistance of your brain. It perceives positive and negative events in space, and future and past events in time. The second you are in the future or past, exaggerating or minimizing, your illusion creates a void. This void is created because you are separating space and time events.

Any time you separate space and time, you create a mental void, which drives the mysterious search. Your mental void is actually an illusion, which drives your full-filling value. Whatever is perceived as most separated, voided or missing becomes most important. And therefore you are motivated to dissolve lopsided perceptions that create these voids.

The hierarchy of your values determines your destiny. Your destiny is based upon the hierarchy of your voids.

No therapy is complete until cause equals effect in space-time

Ultimately the truth is that no therapy is complete until cause equals effect in space-time.

"Love is all there is and all else is illusion. Love transcends space and time and fulfill voids."

How is that for putting on your thinking cap?

If you don’t understand it all, that’s OK. The main point is to just balance your perceptions when you feel unclear. This will clear your distracting brain noise. The feelings of order and gratitude are signs you are present and balanced.


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