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The Benefits of Making Lists to Health


The Benefits of Making Lists to Health

by Dr. John Demartini

When you make a list of everything that is occupying your mind or distracting you, and then identify which items can be either delegated to others or done by you and date them you will discover that most of the things on your mind are not items that need to be done today nor necessarily done by you. If you take those items that are to be done in the future and put them into some form of time planning system - you will reduce your stress levels, you are more calm and productive. And if you can delegate as much as possible you can extract surplus value out of their productivity and potentially increase your income which has been proven helpful to your health.

When you make a list of all the objectives that are at hand and take each one individually and list 7 highest priority action steps that can be done to fulfil these objectives you reduce anxiety, uncertainty and increase the probability of getting into action leading to fulfilment. This reduces tension and stress and makes for better digestion and thus improves overall health.

When you make a list of everything that you have done that you have proven to work in your daily life and call it a daily accountability check list and then begin each day reviewing it and implementing it, and close each day checking it off, you increase the probability of living a more productive life and feeling greater self worth and accomplishment.

When you chunk down large projects, objectives or goals into lists of smaller bite size daily action steps you decrease procrastination, inertia, lack of clarity and frustration and increase your accomplishments. This as well as the others above can add years to life and life to years.



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