The Mirror of Truth and The Concourse of Wisdom

Dr. John Demartini shares inspiring insights into the ancient to modern quest for truth, love and wisdom.

The Mirror of Truth

The ‘mirror of truth’ is your guide to living an authentic life where you’re inspired, enthused, grateful and present.

There is an ancient story called The Mirror of Truth. It goes something like this…

In ancient times, there was a great mirror that revealed the secrets of the universe each time someone looked at it. The mirror was perfectly smooth, perfectly shiny, and possessed the great truth and wisdom that devout seekers of wisdom actively searched for.

As you can imagine, knowledge of this mirror and the truth and secrets it shared gave the power of youth, vitality, power, and wisdom to all those that looked into its depths, while also allowing them to excel and master the expression of their human existence. There was just one challenge – the mirror of truth would only reveal its secrets to students of wisdom who were ready. As that age-old adage so aptly says: when the student is ready; the teacher appears.

One day, a group of vandals stole the mirror of truth. They soon realized that many people wanted a piece of it, and so decided to break the mirror into fragments to maximize their profits and satisfy their greed. Pieces of the mirror quickly spread to remote parts of the earth, and no longer could any one person gaze into its depths.

However, a group of people of great wisdom and discernment realized that if they could locate each individual fragment, they could then gather and correlate the pieces, and in doing so, reconstruct the mirror.

Since that day, philosophers, thinkers, mystics, theologians, and scientists through the ages have all worked hard to put the mirror back together as best they could. Yet still, cracks and missing pieces remain. If you prefer to watch the video on the The Mirror of Truth and The Concourse of Wisdom, click below. ↓

 You can do something extraordinary with your life:

The quest for truth is something that originally inspired the creation of a process that has now become known as the Demartini Method. In brief, it involves a series of wise, intuitive questions that balance the mind and thereby open the heart and allow you to see into your own great mirror of truth.

Why would it be wise to do this?

  • So you can KNOW yourself;
  • So you can BE yourself;
  • So you can LOVE yourself; and
  • So you can MAKE A CONTRIBUTION that makes a difference in the world.

I am certain that you’re here to do something extraordinary with your life. You’re definitely not ordinary. However, if you subordinate to the world on the outside and live in conformity instead of enormity; and if you try to fit in and survive instead of thrive, then you’re not likely to access your own wisdom and ‘mirror of truth’.

Facing the Truth of Your Nature can be Scary:

In my experience, the truth can frighten people – sometimes facing the truth of your nature is scary.

Many people don’t realize that everybody and everything around them is a reflection of them – the hero and the villain, the saint and the sinner, and the virtue and the vice.

If you want to know the truth, you’d be wise to embrace all aspects of yourself instead of trying to get rid of certain parts that you perceive to be bad or needing to be fixed or that you in illusion see as broken.

In my opinion, the so-called ‘self-improvement’ movement has hampered the mirror of truth because it tends to mislead people into thinking that they can get rid of half of themselves and be one sided.

My questions is this – How are you able to have a balance in your physiology if you don’t have a balance in your expectations of reality?
Embrace All Sides of Yourself, Instead of Trying to get Rid of What You Perceive to be ‘Bad’:

I’m a firm believer that the mirror of truth is awakened when people are ready to willingly embrace all sides of themselves and the world around them.

As a result, they are likely to set objectives that are inspiring and authentic instead of trying to be somebody they’re not, comparing themselves to others, holding themselves back, living with anxiety and wondering why the world seems to be against them. None of that is real. What is real ad true is that you have the capacity to do something extraordinary on the planet.

It starts by being yourself.

You don’t have to accept anything less than that.

You don’t have to live in mediocrity or live a quiet life of desperation. You can do something extraordinary, but it takes your willingness to be authentic and live integrally according to what you value most, to awaken it.

In doing so, you will be less likely to suffer from Monday Blues and live only for opportunities to take a vacation from your work.


Because you can wake up each morning with a clear vision and mission for the days and weeks ahead – no longer needing extrinsic motivation to get the job down, because you are more likely to be inspired from within.

There is no need to escape from work, from life, or even from yourself when you know why you put here on earth and the true impact you can make.

 Knowing Your True Value:

The magnificence of who you are is greater than all the delusions you may put on yourself – and that is the mirror of truth.

When you can look in the mirror of truth and see yourself and embrace yourself, you will have integrated your fragments, splintered components, personas, and masks.

I’m certain that there is a deep part of you that knows what you want to do. There’s also an abundant financial opportunity for everybody who is living authentically, serving people, and valuing themselves, because when you live by your highest values and live by priorities and it serves other people, your self-worth tends to go up and your net worth will often compensate in turn.

As a result, you are more likely to have a passive income where you no longer need to work because you have to, but are instead in a position where you can work because you love to. In doing so, you can build up mastery and exemplify what is economically possible on the planet.

I also believe that you are designed to have an amazing relationship and be able to have true communication and appreciation. True intimacy is the realization that what you see in other people is a perfect reflection of yourself and that there is no ‘missingness’ inside of you.

In that way, you’re able to be in a relationship because you love to – not because you ‘got to’, or ‘need to’, or ‘have to’, or any of the imperatives. You’re there because you love to.

 The Authentic You is a Leader:

Socially, the authentic you is also more likely to be a leader. It can emerge spontaneously when you give yourself permission not to put people above or below you, and to no longer fragment yourself and fragment others with your subjective biases.

When you finally realize that there’s nothing missing in them and nothing missing in you, there tends to be a natural yearning to want to respectfully communicate and help them fulfil what is meaningful to them. Not by coercion, not by aristocracy or oligarchy, but by true inspiration and vision.

 We are Here to Ordinate, Not Subordinate:

The mirror of truth that is sitting inside all of us, in our heart, constantly tries to intuitively reveal something profound and wise to us. It whispers to us to guide us to live authentic lives where we are actually inspired by what we do, love what we do with transcendental awareness, and feel enthused, grateful, certain and present.

I don’t believe that we are here to subordinate, but that we’re here to ordinate. We’re not here to look down on people or up at people, but instead to look across from people and communicate respectfully to them in terms of their true values.

It would be wise to do what we’re here to do and do it in a way where we honor them for doing what they would love to do and having enough reflective awareness to see that whatever we see in them is also inside us.

The master inside you is waiting to be revealed.

And know, whenever you’re ready, I’ll be here ready to do everything I can to help you experience it.

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