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Dr Demartini has developed CDs, DVDs and Books ranging across all 7 areas of life to help you to maximize your awareness and potential so that you can lead a more inspired and empowered life. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and you are certain to find answers to your questions about how to overcome obstacles and empower your life in his wide range or products.



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USD 50.00
Unlocking your vast wealth potential.
Presented by Dr. John Demartini
USD 31.07
Becoming wealthy is not a matter of luck, fate or circumstances, but a direct consequence of obeying the guiding principles which I have uncovered and laid out for you in my new DVD, book and audio program called: RICHES - The 7 Secrets of Wealth You Were Never Told.
Author: Gill Fielding
DVD, CD, Book
USD 25.00
What is God? Filmmaker Peter Rodger explores this profound, age-old query in the provocative nonfiction feature film OH MY GOD.
Produced by Peter Rodger
1 x DVD Set
USD 200.00
The Demartini Teen and Family Bundle Contains: Inspiring Your Life, Understanding the Family Dynamic, Activating Genius & Potential, Breaking Through the Myth - The Learning Disability Label, Inspired Destiny, Giving Yourself Permission to be Extraordinary.
Value $265.00, you SAVE $65
USD 325.00
The Demartini Finance Bundle Contains: Secrets to Financial Success, Wealth Wisdom of the Ages, Building Wealth, 6 Steps to Wealth, Where' my Billion? and How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Get to Heaven
Value $429.00, you SAVE $104
USD 17.00
In this book you'll find 60 inspiring laws that will show you how to live an amazing life. They're the very same laws that I live my life by, and that have enabled me to truly live out my dreams.
Author: Dr. John Demartini
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